Take notice

How secure are you with the things going on in your life right now? Unsatisfied? You need to notice the things that are going on in your life right now.

You've been taught to believe you were a virgin however.. 

Every idea and action impregnates the next. you've been impregnating thoughts, ideas and actions long before you knew you were able to. Most people that are successful didn't obtain it simply out of nowhere. Success is sequential.

The Life you live is nothing but the result of past actions

Repetition exceeds expectation, typically that's all it takes. By consistently hitting the gym you'll obtain a healthy body. If you're taking martial arts and you're striving towards a black belt you'll obtain confidence that you didn't have previously. By consistently reading how to better yourself you'll obtain greatness and people may even look at you as an expert simply because you "stand out" you'll have an "advantage" and become a source people will go to due to your vast wealth of knowledge. If you suck at basketball yet commit to 1000 Jump Shots everyday 7 days a week for just two weeks do you know how much of an advantage you'd have?? Warren Buffet reads for the first 6 days of the day. Do you see on consistency works? Take Notice

Stop suffering

Enough isn't enough for you, you haven't suffered enough honestly. You've settled and you're insanely comfortable with your current lifestyle even though it sucks! You aren't rich because you lack the ability to generate substantial income, what you lack is the will and the knowledge. I bet our excuses outweigh your actions.

You're taught to adapt and accept.

Do you remember those little diagrams we used as kids? Cause vs effect? Compare & contrast, Main idea vs details?

self help-personal development idea-boycott the masses
compare contrast-self help-personal development-rat race-resilency-boycott the masses

As kids we're taught to use our creative thinking of course teachers didn't exactly name it that but you had the ability to create stories and characters I mean we used macaroni to create things for christ sake! As snotty nose little kids we were taught to use our imagination and explore. Even with our childhood toys, we did so much with so little (I'm an 80's baby). Imagination would literally go on for hours with just one toy. Howeverrrrr as we grow older the very notion of "imagination" or "creativity" slowly fades away to the point where it's nonexistent in middle school and high school.

Imagination gets replaced with systematic structures

This later on becomes the way things are done in your life. And it gets worse.. you become so mentally numb and calloused to going by the book that you start to develop a sense of scarcity for anything off kilter, unstructured and unplanned. Any and anything that strays from the path typically makes you feel uncomfortable and unconfident. You naturally settle, because you've been conditioned to do just that.

The only secret to success...

Life is only as difficult as we make it and allow it to be. It's pretty nutty how people follow the dumbest trends that don't matter yet are blind to the ones that are life changing and they're RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE. Do you know how celebs or entrepreneurs obtain power, money or fame and become the 1%??? They strayed from the path! They broke the cycle, dared to be different.That's it that's the trend that's "the secret".

The BEST way to hide anything is to have it appear in plane sight. I bet there's tools all around you that you have yet to discover. The reason why you'll spend $$$ discovering the secret to success is because the majority of us have the wrong perception of it to begin with. You don't want success, you only want what successful people have accomplished. Yet if you actually obtained a million dollars or a fancy house chances are you'd lose it. Because you'd like the journey or experience that alone is PRICELESS.

You NEVER see the rejection, heartache, bankruptcy, divorce, ect. While you're wanting fancy cars and mansions people are losing their friends and family by going after their dreams. This is what most successful people obtained along the journey but none of that is sellable you can sell rejection nor is it attractive. The only secret is hard work but it LITERALLY goes out of 99% of everyone's ears it sounds too easy, too black and white and just plain boring. You can't sell hard work it's not sexy. 

Degrees aren't GUARANTEES

When you're not doing what you're put on this earth to be doing you're likely being paid to serve someone else's purpose. All forms of education are great to be quite honest however... Many obtain degrees with the mindset that completion will lead to bettering themselves, opening doors, having options and more money. However clarity comes from action not thoughts and ideas. Degrees do not guarantee you a job, they are however tied to debt. Office jobs where you get interrupted, distracted and redirected.. newsflash, you're not meant to sit down 8 hours a day. I've had jobs where business development managers and people with doctorates and others with higher authority we're so booksmart that they couldn't do something as simple as faxing a document. Happens ALL the time.

Think about it, nobody writes about you in a history book unless you do just that, make history.