Take Action

If your mother came to you hungry would you let her starve or would you feed her? You'd quite naturally take action and provide her with the food you feel she desperately needs. Why don't you take the same kind of natural action into what you really want to do with your life?

Leave the bs at the door and decide to grow up.

Starting today you will leave behind those damn shoulda woulda coulda's. Starting today you will realize Fear is nothing but what you imagine in your mind. (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Action is what separates the spectators and the go getters

It's time to stop getting in your own way, make a decision
Are you doing anything currently to better your life? Most of us just stop at the questions.. what's the damn harm in thinking things through? The lack of attempts to finding a solution and/or resolution to your thoughts is reflective of how you actually implement other situations in your life as well.
If you maintain incomplete thoughts, you'll do incomplete work.

What are you top 5 books for success?

The One Thing
Don't Sweat the small stuff
Who Moved My Cheese
The Pursuit of happiness
Think and grow rich
Use technology to your advantage buy a freaking Kindle for christ sakes. Listen to Audiobooks.

Who are your Top Mentors or people you look up to?

Les Brown
Gary Vaynerchuk
Grant Cardone
Brian Tracy

Stop selling yourself short, embrace the present moment

Most of us including myself at one point worked at job that paid just enough to keep you from quitting and as a result you worked just enough to keep from being fired. If this sounds similar to you and your situation understand that you're just cheating yourself

Stop using the word "predict" replace it with "expect"

Because in the end it doesn't mean anything. We aren't living predictions we're simply LIVING PRESENTLY. You can go to school and educate yourself all you want get the degree and predict you'll make x amount of money. Maybe you will maybe you won't but I GUARANTEE there will be something that finds its way into your life that you could have never predicted.

Don't get lost in "setting up" for success

That's like getting a gym membership and an arsenal of workout clothes and new shoes before you even break a sweat in the gym. If you notice the events that come in and out of your life daily, you'll come to expect that things will change. Don't waste too much damn time putting your ducks in a row and miss the entire process of your "why".

You wanna be successful?

Start answering the questions you ask yourself TODAY! Who do you know that's currently in a place you'd like to be? You can stick to googling things if you want but there's walking talking lessons around you 24/7 if you look hard enough. If you've got more money and intelligence than your friends or the sum of all your friends it's time to upgrade. If you've maxed out at your job and you're currently experiencing nothing but consistency it's time to move on.

Does your paycheck fluctuate or is it consistent?

Often times our work ethic is reflective of our paychecks.. it flatlines. How are you EVER EVER EVER going to do great things in life if you aren't pushed and pulled to do so? Stop sabotaging yourself now

Throw away the alarm clock

Don't let your 9 to 5 wake you up, especially if it's already giving you the Sunday evening blues. Wake up with purpose not ON purpose. If you're bored with your life's routine do something different to get different results. Doesn't have to be drastic, it's all about baby steps. Stop sleeping through your passions and accepting defeat.