Frequently Asked Questions


Who Are "The Masses" ?

"The Masses" Are the walking dead, any and every individual who's lost themselves in negative consistent behavior, employers, relationships or habits. People who never question as often as they complain, self willingly work dead end jobs, refuse to think outside of the box, settle for less, live paycheck to paycheck and neglect change. 

How Do I Know What I'm Good At? How Do I know My Life's Purpose?

I can't take ownership but Steve Harvey makes it plain and simple... "What can you do at your absolute best with the least amount of effort?"

How Do I Reach My Dreams?

Too often people give up on their dreams because they fail to attach themselves to a journey that drives them to their goals. The dream is only the blueprint, not only is it possible to make any dream reality but it's NECESSARY. Whether you believe you're a success or a failure we all start at "A". But there's GOOD NEWS.. Boycott The Masses IS your journey well movement really, as I aim to show you how you can get wherever and whatever you want in life through self awareness and self improvement. So feel free to stick around, it's time to tap into your TRUE potential for the lifestyle YOU deserve.

when is it time for a change?

First, tell me if this sounds like you I call this the Vicious Cycle:
You wake up regretting your day job, You go to sleep trying to find any excuse not to go back. You tell yourself you gotta work so you can pay your bills. Then comes: stress High blood pressure, medication and as a result A little bit of you dies inside.

are you anti-employer/job?

I'm anti anything that anyone allows to distract them from being themselves and/or living their life's purpose. I got fired for simply questioning authority (more about that here)

The Greatest Tragedy In Life Isn’t Death.. But Life Without A Purpose
— Dr. Myles Munroe

Screw what society limits you to be.