As a father myself I believe most parents have the intention of wanting their children to do better than themselves.

Typically this results in the push to become a doctor, lawyer or anything else that's looked to be honored and respected but quite often results in a fancy title for an office paper pusher.

Get a grip
How secure you are with yourself? Do you REALLY know where you want to go in life? Never loose sight of your vision. 

Expectations trash them
Don't expect people to understand your grind. Infact, if you find that you're often laughed at or told you're crazy and unrealistic.. You're most likely headed in the right direction.

Your big opportunity might be where you are now.
— Napoleon Hill

Don't convince people to see your vision
Others may only see tunnel vision and not the big picture. Hope sees the invisible. It doesn't make sense stressing and exhausting yourself to prove your inspirations, dreams and goals to people that are dedicated to never understanding you. We may all see the same movie but we all take away different pieces like a puzzle.

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Don't expect help
Let help come naturally and it will. Be mindful, help can easily become riddled with bad intentions so be certain who and what you use for assistance.

Leave them in your shadow
Your success will overshadow the one's who never believed. By investing time in non believers, it not only weighs you down and strips your energy. Realistically who wants that?

The ladder of success is never crowded at the top
— Napoleon Hill

Never dumb yourself down to act on stupidity
Harden your technique. Why stoop down and be pulled in to something that doesn't even matter at the end of the day? You should be moving up not down.

Step forward daily
Success will take more than just consistency alone. Always intend for your actions to be in the direction towards a forward moving progression. And please make sure you stand, walk and talk with authority. Since you are what you repeatedly do, make new journey goals and know why you do what you do. Period.

The world has the habit of making room for the man whose actions show that he knows where he is going
— Napoleon Hill
Be honest with yourself...
Be honest with yourself...
Have YOU ever let anyone's thoughts or opinions deter you from what you've wanted to do? Be sure to comment below.