Your Bullshit Dilemma

You are living your opportunity.. If you want to become the next Bodybuilding pro, actor, football player, if you wanna land that new job, start a relationship and live what you only have dreamed. Listen up..

I had an epiphany today and felt the need to elaborate even further so that it can hit home. Open your eyes and be willing to step back, often you'll realize you are in your own way.

No matter what it is in life that you wanna conquer its literally yours, you just have to want it enough and pay attention to the signs life provides for you. Often the signs are literally right IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE. I believe life has a way of providing you with what you desire, its just a matter of putting the signs in focus for your taking.

You've already got that million dollar contract, endorsements, the house of your dreams is already built and ain't NOBODY living in it yet, that person you've been crushing over is already yours you just gotta be all in. I know, it all sounds easy doesn't it? Well it should! Why?

I'll let you in on something.. I'm sure you've heard. "If it was easy everyone would do it" Shiiiiiiit that's now the biggest load of crap I've ever heard. Technology has advanced us in a way where it is EASY..

* Its easy to be lazy
* Easy to be comfortable being comfortable
* Easy to delay tasks with Netflix & social media
* Easy to put things off & go to sleep
* Easy to blame others for not accomplishing goals
* Easy to simply give up
* Easy to keep things easy

It IS EASY and everybody IS doing it! (It being "nothing") You could have a personal trainer for FREE and literally give up before you've made an honest attempt.

Truth is things are getting easier yet we still hesitate and are stagnant.

If you have that gut feeling your current relationship, career or whatever situation you may been in is fleeting... chances are it is. You don't need to get approval from anyone but yourself. All anyone else will do is tell you what you ALREADY KNOW.

Life will align you with your purpose, it very well may not be what you crave trust me it wont be sexy at first or a neon flashing sign but in due time you'll too have that "duh" moment. I'm not going to bore you on any numbers but its often said we do not use 100% of our brain. I'd have to agree but its not as if we don't have the ability to do so. The problem is we as humans are often enablers. We fail at failing.

Its not a matter of being psychic some even say sometimes its God that allows you to see things and while I'm not exactly sure that's true I do know you have to go all in and go hard. How often do you get that feeling where you tell yourself "something about this just ain't right" "something's telling me..." it isn't only your mind. Its the result of the numerous signs life has placed around you that were previously ignored.

The opportunities to succeed are literally all around you they come to you in many shapes, forms and fashions. 99% of the time you will NEVER self willingly take the chance as long as you dismiss them. You'll pass up that weight loss info, you'll shun that job opportunity and you'll blindly ignore consistent details.

We are programmed to see red flags as signs of danger.. not all of the signs life presents you with are negative, you MUST get to a point where you see these flags for what they really are! You will always be your own worst enemy. You MUST believe the only person that can get in your way is you! Being adventurous will take you far in life.

There isn't a person on this planet that isn't consumed with unanswered questions. But if you took the time to write down 10-20 problems or irritants I'm 100% sure you'd have some of the answers already in your mind before you write the issue down on paper. I hope you can see where I'm going with this. My whole point is, your issue isn't an issue at all. This is how you make a dollar outta 15 cents. You allow the truth to hurt.

Once you can get a grip of what I call "the signs" the world is literally yours.