why you aren't hireable
It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you in trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so
— Mark Twain

5 Years ago you couldn't tell me I'd mentally be where I am now. Now it would be great to create the type of lifestyle that never needed a vacation and that should be a goal. (Hey even if you don't achieve it you'll be better off aiming for it than where you currently are presently right? Can I get an Amen?)

Job hunting can get depressing

I downloaded all the major apps (Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, Ziprecruiter) to my phone so I could conveniently apply to jobs knocking out no less than 5 job applications a day. You may be super green having all the passion, drive and desire to be the best you can but you hit a wall due to lack of a degree, or a degree but no experience (haha what a joke right). You eventually start feeling that you'll never find what you want. That's mostly because you're looking for your dream job instead of creating it yourself. (I had to find this out the hard way)

Glassdoor will FUCK YOU UP mentally

If you've been living under a rock.. Glassdoor gives you an insite of wages/salaries for employers. Best thing is (its FREE!) Both current and former employees submit their experience and pay for an employer. I can't tell you how many times I've gone on Glassdoor.com only to find job positions that pay horribly. You surely wanna check this out before you waste your time going on interviews.

Know you're getting ripped off

If you have any ambition or aspire to become an entrepreneur you'll get to a point where you naturally analyze cost and demand. Once you see an average profit others make from goods and services (you can even do a little googling) your mind opens and wonders why you're allowing yourself to become short changed. The same applies to jobs. They've got the cheese and we do all we can to get to it, obtaining interviews and putting on a show & selling ourselves in a package, crawling to what we crave like rats.

Employers have a salary cap that they are not allowed to go over and you better believe they either start at the low to middle end of it. Most video interview tips you'll see will tell you they may start at the middle. No matter what the case may be, don't you feel like you deserve the highest amount possible? Aren't you worth that??? You see we have things flipped, we feel an honor to land a job when the employer should feel honored to obtain us for the position.

By negotiating wages with a potential future employer you still come out a rat you still come up short. Why entertain this? Let me guess.. because you got bills.. we all do. Truth is you aren't gonna going to get them paid any faster by obtaining employment that doesn't resonate with your life's purpose.

Nothing resonates with your heart

It's really wacky and ironic.. the more you become one with yourself and find your true talents and skills more other jobs will slowly seem obsolete to you. Crazy right? The meaningful purpose increases yet availability appears to fade. Do you believe the greatest innovations and ideas are yet to be discovered? I do.

When it all comes down to it, sure you can go to school memorize some old ass textbooks get your degree and graduate get in debt and obtain a "safe" job. (Well what you believe to be safe anyway) This safe route could especially speak to you if you've got a family. But why spread yourself so thin?  Maybe you'll have to learn the hard way that nothing is ever safe. But if you risk the chance at failing and I'm talking about failing at ANYTHING.. why not fail at something you love? Live full die empty.

Comment below and let me know what it took to find your purpose or if you've already created your dream job.