You Are Your Outcome

I wasn't going to write about this originally, however I'm starting to find I it very necessary that I do...

Recently my uncle passed away, he's had a series of medical conditions primarily heart related. The main thing that took him out was the fact his blood sugar was way over 530. His body pretty much went into a diabetic coma leaving him unresponsive and things just went downhill from there.

It just reminds me why I started my journey to become a personal trainer. Just a few exercises or sessions just a few healthy meals...and some motivation a few years ago could have changed his outcome. One thing I learned through this is you can't motivate the unwilling.

One of the last conversations I had with my uncle involved a 4 hour road trip. We discussed society's lack of understanding "old school vs new school" how iPhones and technology turn us into androids, the fact nobody is totally free, how the possible cure for cancer and other catastrophic diseases could have been found by someone that was murdered in the holocaust. Because I believe when you kill people you kill ideas. How Dr's and medication treat one illness and create a missing link.. a problem that wasn't there in the first place.

I believe America has lost what it once was.

"America eats it's babies" -Tupac

We're at a state of constant evolution. However where we fall short at is understanding that in order to evolve we have to start from somewhere. If you're on a train of progress and it's full speed ahead you have to know where the train took off from.

It's insanely easy to just say I'm gonna get what I need and I'll get what I want

"By any means necessary" -Malcom X

Why do you think various historical figures, musicians, athletes, ect. constantly rep where they're from? By default your past creates your present. YOU ARE YOUR OUTCOME. You could very well be creating your destiny in an unconscious state. I need you to wake up and deal with this.

Discover your passion expose it! From there you should find and endless drive. Just remember you're presently creating your future.