Are people taking your kindness for weakness? The world will always have something to throw at you no matter your lifestyle or financial status may be. If you feel someone is taking advantage of you it's not necessarily because you're weak.. the problem is you may be average.

Some of you are fine with being average. You're average at work, in your relationships and financially. But there's a monumental problem with this, while being average not only do you let people walk all over you but the easier it is for you to accept being ran over as well. Average is like driving a Kia, it meets basic standards and it'll take you from A-Z but where's the gusto?

What exactly is kindness?
Being friendly, generous and concerate

What kindness is not
Being taken advantage of

Stop being a pushover, push back
Without a doubt you wouldn't allow anyone to disrespect your friends and family.. so why in the world would you allow something such as your morals, standards or work ethic which you have 100% control over to be taken advantage of and tested? The problem is often we don't know what we're made of because we've never been tested or never allow ourselves to be challenged because we're used to just blow things off.

How can you progress like this? How can you appear anything but weak at this point? What do you stand for? Are you walking forward simply due to momentum? Or do you walk with a purpose? The only answer to this is simple.. react! Even if your effort is weak, it's better than doing absolutely nothing at all.

Is the damage already done?
I myself have been a victim of this. Missing the train of opportunity sucks let's be honest. Certain individuals will throw seeds at you and it's up to you to notice this. By simply dismissing issues that need to be addressed does nothing but allow the seeds to nurture, grow deep roots and before you know it you're in over your head in bs and you can't seem to find your way out. By the time you grow the balls to stand up and take action you're surrounded by a whole forest of what others have done to cover their ass. Too little too late my friend. Take Notice Take Action Take Advantage.

Putting people in their place
You've got to get to a point where you can be firm but not aggressive. Put your foot down and leave an impression that results in progress instead of problems. The secret to this is getting your timing just right. When you feel the need to respond to the issues life, coworkers, family, etc. brings into your life..use integrity. By using integrity the receiving end will know you mean business and aren't wishy washy. Stay firm and true to your beliefs and as a benefit you could very well negate future issues.

If you feel like you've been taken advantage of or as if you're "average" check out the blogs below. Be sure to comment and let me know what ya think.