Here's Why ASAP Mindset's Fail

Saying you'll do something "as soon as possible" is almost just as good as simply saying "It'll get done when it get's done" what in the world does this even mean?? This leaves you with no concrete evidence or confidence that anything will get accomplished.

What if you were told from your job that you'd get paid asap.. how upset would you be? If I told you I'll give you $20 as soon as possible or as soon as I could when exactly would you expect it? What if you looked up a flight or movie time only to see "as soon as possible/asap" how could you plan anything? Good luck telling any intelligent investor you'll have something "as soon as possible". Even if you're lucky enough to get away with it, you'll  genuinely have a bitter taste in your mouth.

Saying things such as this lacks accountability, when you hear others use this terminology call them out on it, you don't have to be a jerk but explain to them that you're trying to obtain a better understanding.

"Soon" isn't a finale it's only a mere hope or wish. If you don't hold yourself accountable to a actual factual deadline date. You're just as good as never getting anything accomplished in the first place. How long is "soon" ? A hour, day, week, year? What exactly is defined?

How Soon Is Possible?

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This is the key, once you evaluate this you'll come to find out the responsibility lies on you. By holding yourself accountable and providing a deadline you have instant gratification that something's possible.. its game on and officially time to go beastmode.

The Advantage of N.O.W.

N.O.W. = No Opportunity Wasted

Once you've aligned yourself with a date or deadline you instantly transfer your efforts into a current mindset status. You've made the commitment to bridge the gap between incomplete and following through.

The easiest way to mitigate leaving things up in the air is to be accountable from the jump. Take advantage