What Are You Chasing And Why?
It’s beauty in the struggle , ugliness in the success. For what’s money without happiness? Or hard times without the people you love
— JCole

Everyone want's "things" whether it's cars, money fame whatever.. Including myself, I want to leave my job and work solely for myself helping and inspiring others to live their dreams or become entrepreneurs as well.

I've learned until you're satisfied you'll always possess bottomless desires of love power, money and respect it'll literally never end. When will "enough" be just that? Yet we sometimes over complicate our lives by consistently chasing and digging. Not everything requires upgrading, ask yourself are YOU upgrading the wrong things in your lifestyle? Shit in all honesty, if we took the time to downgrade certain aspects of our lives we may appreciate the real things that matter. But we naturally and automatically give the term "downgrade" a negative connotation. 

Often we're convinced we have the power to convince others instead of just letting things be. Desires are trendy and we often reticule new trends as we later find ourselves indulging in them. We love to gloat, just look on Facebook & Instagram no matter what the hashtag is. We love pride.

A hard head makes a soft ass
— My momma and everyone else's

Not everything that appears to be attractive is actually worth it, here's an example: 

You're presented with a box full of money, however this box has a slit in it just big enough for your hand. You're allowed to grab as much cash as you desire but with only one attempt. You hold onto it and but in the attempt to pull it out of the box you realize you can't take both the cash and your hand. Your only option is to let go of what's inside so that you can free yourself. Sounds logical right? Many people continue to hold onto what's inside the box.

But there's a bigger lesson to be learned here.. why limit yourself by putting your hand in the box anyway? Why are you allowing yourself to become tethered?

By never settling you're allowing yourself to stay chained to the problem instead of breaking free. As much as you try to stay positive you're just as much a part of the negative.

The problem isn't that we are unable to settle. There's memes everywhere that say "never settle". I often live by that mentality myself. However what I know that most people and books won't tell you is that settling and letting go actually go hand and hand.

Most of us settle for a 9 to 5 and a consistent paycheck and let go of the opportunity to live our dream.

Are you closing the door and allowing a new one to open? Some people are so fucking hard headed and closed minded that they can't see their future because they're too busy holding onto their past.

What currently satisfies you? Stop chasing and start living!