Do you wake up with a purpose or on purpose? If you're like me, Monday's have their own sense of energy. We usually loathe Mondays, those of us for the most part with the exception of Eric Thomas who has a Youtube series titled TGIM (Thank God It's Monday). The back to work 9 to 5 grind, five full days in a row, 40+ hours a week just to only have two days off is insanely off putting.

This has NEVER made sense to me honestly, yet its typical corporate policy. Somehow benefits and a tax deducted pay structure justifies everything. Oh and if you're only working part time, good luck on affordable health insurance! I need you to wake up with a reason, wake up with a purpose.

Waking up on purpose
Many of you wake up to pay bills.. how defeating and depressingly sad is this? The majority of us don't get paid the same day that we work, we usually have to wait two weeks for taxes to be taken out and we're left with the remainder. Or as Chris Rock says... we get paycheck jacked. If you rely on only one stream of income here in lies the problem.

What's the VERY first thing you think of when you get up monday morning?
Does your mind automatically go to the consequences of if you decided not to go into work?
Do you fill your mind with all the tasks you must do before you leave the house?
Are you literally picturing your job duties? Workfiles? Emails? If you are.. why??

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How does this benefit you? Don't tell yourself "thinking things out helps me get ready for the day" I call BS. 85% of America are unsatisfied with their jobs. Therefore, how can spending your entire morning mentally clocked into something you simply settled for possibly excite you and put you in a positive mood?

You can have the best coworkers and an awesome environment however if your actual work is unfulfilling there's a BIG problem.

What if you enjoyed what you did? Chances are you'd perform smarter not harder, you'd most likely get more work down in the least amount of time. Meanwhile we usually sit idle just putting in time perhaps questioning but never taking ability to do better things.

Waking up with a purpose
Now I'm not expecting you to jump outta bed with a big smile from ear to ear. However, have you ever discovered your why?
Let's break this down..I'll rephrase this, let's also take the financial aspect out of the equation.
What's your reason for waking up? Do you have a purpose?
How do you put your mark on the world by waking up?
If you didn't wake up would anyone notice or care?
If you wanted to wake up with a purpose what exactly would you do? Any ideas?
Do you know why you were born?
More importantly do you feel as if you know what you were born to do?
What is it inside of you that you're going to concur and fulfil that has meaning to you and your life?

I know I've thrown a lot of questions at you and hopefully you're on the the journey to discovering your life's purpose. I don't know if this has ever crossed your mind. Hopefully you can see the differences. If you wake up to the same harsh grind you'll get harsh grinded results. You're reading this blog so it most likely resonated with you in some sense. Sometimes settling is effortless. When's the last time you were uncomfortable?

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Develop a positive fulfilling morning ritual, smile, exercise, read, make a morning music playlist, stay away from the tv and the insanely depressing news (there's apps for weather and traffic). Do you want to live on purpose or with a purpose?

Do you want to live life with purpose or on purpose?
Do you want to live life with purpose or on purpose?