Tomorrow doesn't exist

Our brain is wired to protect us and with protection comes security and comfort.

You've gotta have a risk..

If you aren't prepared for a challenge you'll solidify where you are right now and when you're forced to change you'll react in an unplanned manner.

Is your life a series of routines and habits?

Has anyone in your life ever died without you having the chance to tell them something dear and near to you? That's the worst! and it haunts you until you die. You might have came up with a great idea or mental invention, only to see the success of someone who actually took action on it. Don't you feel robed? You should! Because you've robed yourself, friends and family of a new experience.

When I proposed to my wife, I did it with the intention of knowing that I wouldn't have another day to do it.

What makes us so comfortable putting things off and waiting till the last minute? Are you holding onto ever ounce of comfort and security?

To the best of your knowledge tomorrow is only a mere thought, you can't touch it or live in it. All you have is today tomorrow isn't owed to you tomorrow doesn't exist.