Tips For Success

Alright, so you're at the point where you believe you know where you're going in life. I'll commend you on this. That in itself is a gigantic step in the right direction. A "purpose" in general is a vital objective that many people honestly take years to obtain by becoming lost in the search. Now while that all seems fine and dandy, on the contrary it is actually far from I'll explain...

On behalf of musicians, artists, creators, performers and anyone aspiring to be one of those YOU are RELEVANT!
— Sheila E

Take a moment to think about it.. we have to work to become what we "want to be" by typically investing thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours while missing out on countless social engagements to "become" who we are, who we'll always be. Sure, we're not born knowing what our life's evolutions will amount to. But perhaps if we took the time to listen to our wants, needs and effortless talents we'll discover that the answer is right in front of our face.. in plain sight.

Uncertainty will manifest itself into your daily habits if you lack clarity, you'll unconsciously give away your precious time in exchange for distraction.

I myself have a small personal library. I follow my mentors such as Eric Thomas on all social media platforms however I don't allow an abundance of information to become and obstacle. In other words never allow yourself to get so caught up and attached that you miss the opportunity to take action whether it's a crush you currently have, job, life journey or question that needs to be addressed. In the time that you're reading, studying, going to seminars, watching videos on youtube, etc. You could be doing actual work. 

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times
— Bruce Lee

What's something you want so bad you'd be willing to risk every and anything for it? Let's just put money into the scenario now stay with me.. If you could get paid a dollar for every push up you could do would you make time to do the push ups? Would you drop everything right now and do them? What would your ideal number be? Or would you go balls to the wall, knocking out as many as you could do until your body collapsed?

Most of us wouldn't plan to obtain a certain dollar amount we'd simply push ourselves past our limits based on our desire. If you want something bad enough you'll make time for it. Not having time is no longer an excuse.

Once you finally find your calling and your life's purpose the destination soon starts. It's important to find the tools that will get you from point A to point B. One great way to bridge the gap is to simply reverse engineer!

Typically one doesn't know exactly how things will pan out. Most don't know where to start so I say work backwards you'll find it much easier and motivating than starting from scratch. This is also sometimes called reverse engineering or backwards goal setting.

Instead of writing down steps to get to your goal write down the steps as if you've already obtained it until where you are currently. Here's an example:

8. Gain revenue
7. Sale
6. Marketing
5. Obtain a website to drive the product or service to the forefront
4. Outsource what can't be done or what occupies the most time
3. Create product or service
2. Obtain a team of like-minded goal driven individuals
1. Vision a lifestyle, company or product

Of course this is a very mild non detailed example but you get the point.

Biggest Takeaways
By starting backwards it'll spark positivity by getting you in the right mindset.
Reverse engineering naturally demands a CLEAR defined process that you literally know backwards and forwards so you'll retain the steps that much easier.
Try Fail Win Period.

Bridge the gap with the following: