guess who ran out of fucks today
Guess who ran out of fucks today?

Take Notice

Now if that's not a realistic superhero quote I don't know what is. As you may not agree with the language this message is undeniable and very relatable. The beauty in this is that there is no audio or video. The context and concept are completely up to your imagination. Your entire life since you were born is and will always be based on decisions and actions. The widely consistent problem that affects us all is infact the issue that we do indeed give a fuck, mainly about the things we shouldn't to begin with.

Our brains are on autopilot nearly half the time. Such that if you needed to recall recent actions you may come to find this problematic.

Do you remember the commute to/from work? If not, how do you now feel knowing your brain kept you safe the entire time on AUTOPILOT? I'd often physically find myself at work not remembering how I got out of bed, took a shower, chose what to wear for work, ate breakfast and drove to work. Yet this happened Monday through Friday!

When it's time to leave work for the day do you suddenly wake up and ask yourself "What did I do today? My point is, if you don't remember what you did the past hour how are you going to remember what you did the day, week or month prior? How can you measure your improvement?  

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Take Action

One thing I was never taught in sales is to simply assume the sale. Stay with me here, think of it like this.. how can someone say "no" when you've already mentally chosen for them? The only thing to do is close the deal. Our minds don't want to "overwork" which is exactly why it goes onto autopilot in the first place. Your mind will dismiss any and every incoming new idea just as fast at it appears if you allow it. Whatever your gift or desire may be one sure fire way to let it "shine" is to attach it to your life.. become it. 

One of the main weaknesses of mankind is the average man’s familiarity with the word impossible

Let's take your name for example, you know what your "name" is you've got identification in your wallet or purse to prove so. You introduce yourself with your "name", you respond when your name is called. Now, how often do you respond to people calling you by your title? By your passion? You were born for a reason, why aren't you being greeted by it? Why aren't you associating yourself with it? 

Even though the man in the subway may appear to look without, he's actually rich within authenticity. He's in tune with himself, he's comfortable. So many of us hide behind suits and ties, yet this man holds nothing back. Let's be honest when, where, and how often outside of work are you dressing just as you would during your 9 to 5? So if you may judge this man for his physical appearance perhaps an (internal self assessment) is due. When looking at this picture I bet "self-dishonesty" was not one of the top characteristics to enter your mind was it?

Is his appearance reflective of his current mindset or goals? Better yet is yours? Does your job have you feeling like a clown? There were times where I felt like clark kent during my day job and the minute I clocked out and walked outside I felt like superman. Nothing yet, has justified the reason to feel like that. Sometimes dollars don't make sense.

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But what of the man who has neither the time nor the inclination to study failure in search of knowledge that may lead to success? Where and how is he to learn the art of converting defeat into stepping-stones to opportunity?
— Napoleon Hill (Think & Grow Rich)

Upon looking further into the picture his shoes appear to be tied but he's lost all regard to the buttons on his shirt. He's clean shaven actually. What's going on in this guys mind right now? Regret or accomplishment?

Devil's advocate

Let's assume the worse, let's guess he got fired and is now living day to day as a bum roaming around the streets. The story that he has inside and the lesson he's learned could very well bridge the gap to mental clarity and success. This is something money cannot buy.

He may have been on his way to the daily 9 to 5 grind or perhaps he just told his boss to go fuck off and is now on a mission to pursue his dreams. Maybe he's figured out what he wanted to do.

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— Napoleon Hill (Think And Grow Rich)

Take Action

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