There's Always Tomorrow

Procrastination is like a credit card, its a lot of fun until you get the bill
— Christopher Parker

Tomorrow is your saving grace
Tomorrow will change your life
Tomorrow you'll have time

It's so easy and attractive to dismiss any task at hand that you simply don't feel like doing.

Often we would rather put something off for tomorrow with the INTENTION that everything will be alright and work out. The problem and result of often putting things off is that you automatically unconiencly receive half ass instant gratification and that my friend can be very addictive. 

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For example, you may put off studying for a test, brushing up your interview skills, or even spending time with your family.... All because you tell yourself:

I'll sleep now and wake up early... 
I'll sleep now and wake up with a fresh mindset
I'll do better if I....

You've already:

1. Quit
2. Made an excuse justifying your lack of effort & do diligence
3. Rewarded yourself with sleep (the absence of hard work). 

We don’t lack intention we lack incentive
— Unknown

Let me be frank with you... The sad honest truth why we often come up short is we aren't use to waiting and being patient. As babies we cried and instantly got served, as kids we played games and instantly received tickets for prizes, and as adults we exchange money for a sense of fulfillment. 

Patience and hard work without an instant euphoria explosion isn't attractive these days. 

It's deeper than that tomorrow you world will change tomorrow your significant other will get their act together... It doesn't work that way. Do you deserve tomorrow, have you worked for it? 

You can't have one intense workout and expect to go from shit to fit. You can't'll take one self defense class and expect to protect yourself. Most people don't realize but after all your work and efforts are over your reward is 10x greater than you originally imagined.

Excuses only sound good to the people who makes them. You can sleep when you're dead. Learn to "put on" instead of put off.