The Outlook Of Positivity

With any and everything I find it quite important to stress the statement "question everything".

Who are your friends? Do they promote positivity and bring the best "you" out of YOU? Or are you constantly finding that dumbass antics usually leave you in situations that lead to regret? Such as waking up duct taped to a wall with a cock and hairy balls drawn on your face? Only to find out you've made "twit pic of the day"? Alright now that may have been a tad dramatic but I want you to be able to pick up what I'm putting down.

Often I tell people, different friends have ways of bringing out different sides of your personality. Each friend is potentially one layer of the onion that is you.

"Better the devil you do know than the than the devil you don't know"
(Or so they say)

After a few months you may see your job for what it truly is and realize you've made a mistake. Now the job hunt starts, you search and search only to find you don't meet the minimum requirements or that you don't have a certain degree in a particular field.


Here's a list of 100 successful people without degrees.

At this point you might feel emotionally beat up, instead of eliminating and weeding out potential employers you find job requirements weeding YOU out instead, eliminating you before you've even applied. Imagine how an interview would go at this point.

"You can't ask for anything if you're focused on your lack of it"

When you get turned down and denied for a job, date or home. Understand that it only means there's something better along the way. I know what you're saying "its easy to say that". When I was a little kid the #1 thing that pissed me off was someone saying "it's gonna be alright" "it's gonna be ok" "poor baby" "don't worry about it" "everything is gonna work it's way out".

Why did I hate it so much?
Because, I felt it was honestly just a cop out even as a kid It simply meant nothing if I couldn't see a cure or feel something was resolved. But little did I know, it was hands down the best outlook to have in mind.

I was so stuck in the moment at the time that I was mentally handicapped, not able to see a solution.

After hearing "no" so many times it becomes the norm. You get depressed, upset, lose focus, stressed, don't eat, don't sleep, don't speak the list goes on.

Do you see a trend?

How successful do you think you'll be on that hot date, job interview, exam, credit approval?

You don't go into a fight with the intention of getting your ass handed to you correct? The same goes with life. You can't go into anything with even the slight vision and/or thought of failing. "To vision failure is to live failure" When I was a kid and I woke up from a nightmare weither it was being chased or scared I'd ALWAYS try to immediately go back to sleep with the intention of destroying whatever scared me in the first place.

"You attract what you feel not what you ask for"

There's a quote from Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon:

"Don't think..feel"
"It is like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you'll miss all that heavenly glory"

Rick Ross

Rick Ross

Just last week my coworker told me Rick Ross is "fine as hell" not because of the way he looks but because of the way he carries himself. She stated that he owned his character, he's positive and assertive in his actions. This typically leads to success on its own. If it wasn't for that, chances are all of his flaws would drastically become more apparent.

The energy you give is likely the energy you'll receive. In school you often know your grades and test scores before you receive them. Am I right? You know how much effort you put into things so there shouldn't be an element of surprise when you receive them.

I'm not saying to go out buy and some magic crystals to go along with your dream board but hey whatever works. Marshawn Lynch has his Skittle thing right?

Surround yourself with winners, people that inspire, motivate and lift you up on your most challenging days. But please don't show up to the race if you haven't already crossed the finish line.