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The Only Resolution You Need For 2016

You can want 2016 to be "the year" something happens, love, money and power better but it won't mean jack if you don't believe or take the needed steps to succeed.

Dreaming is effortless and free. The cost of Turning dreams into reality and keeping it that way is limitless in itself. The one and only resolution you need for this year is to commit to affirmations.

The 48 Laws of Power
By Robert Greene

Positive affirmations are a great tool to rewire your subconscious mind from a state of negative thinking.

The basic concept is to create positive statements based on situations or outcomes which you would like to see manifested, and repeat them often enough so that they become part of your way of thinking and seeing your world.

To come up with your own positive affirmations, use the following guidelines:

Visualise your intentions: List down all that you are trying to create in your life – the outcome, the behaviours, attitudes and traits you would like to see yourself develop in order to get there.


Create your statements: Once you can visualise what you are aiming for, try to put that idea into simple statements that reflect the reality that you want to create. Use the present tense to create statements such that they seem already true, and not as if you would like them to be true.

Use the positive: When creating positive affirmations, make sure that they say things they you want to see and experience, and not what you don’t want to see and experience.

Use positive words and phrases, for example, instead of saying “I don’t want to feel stress”, say “I’m feeling peace”. Using the negative words “don’t” or even “stress” could cause your brain to register the negative, rather than the positive intentions behind your affirmations.

Once you’ve created your own personal positive affirmations, find ways to introduce them into your daily life.

The Power of Positive Thinking
By Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Repetition. Set aside a special quiet time of the day to repeat your affirmations to yourself. Do this with clear intent, faith and belief. Rather than repeat them mentally or out loud, another alternative would be to make a recording of yourself repeating these affirmations and listening to them while you drive to work or do laundry.

Write them down. A good way to remind you of your personal affirmations is to write them on post-its that you place around the house in places where you’re likely to see them (fridge, bathroom mirror, etc.)

Do you have any affirmations that turned into reality? Comment below.