Tapping The Brakes

"You can't do BIG things if you're distracted by the small things"
Alright so you've got a goal in mind, one you feel you can accomplish but are you welcoming distractions that could possibly hold you back from what you want? Are you tapping the brakes on your dreams?

Remaining aware of your distractions is necessary PERIOD. If you take time to sit back and reflect they'll eventually come to light. Many attempt to try and consistently land on their fucking face with the same old shitty results or lack thereof time and time again. The problem isn't the goals you've set for yourself. The problem is the unconscious distractions you allow. Try quantifying the distractions and I promise you can save that pretty face of yours. 

These days our phones are our lifelines. There's actual apps that can be downloaded to track the amount of time your phone is unlocked or checked. Spoiler alert!! The average cell phone user checks their cell phone 115 x a day!
Multitasking is one of the BIGGEST fallacies hidden in plane site. Often we pride ourselves on being able to do multiple things at the same time. But do we ever pay attention to the quality of the tasks or just the completion? When in a time crunch it isn't too surprising for the quality to diminish. We all know the difference between knockoffs and quality shit. What is it inside of us that makes us feel completed by boasting our work ethic?

The more tasks you have the less attention you can give them, correct? Whether it's studying, creating a business or even your plain 9-5. Why cut yourself short instead try one task at a time from beginning to end before moving onto the next.

Most businesses never get off the ground for this EXACT reason.

With ideas and free time come actions. These "idea fairies" are nothing but domino distractions. What's a domino distraction? Where one idea builds another and the original domino is faded and forgotten. Ever find yourself stuck at YouTube for a while? Several videos later forgetting why you went to it in the first place? You'll never get what you want or where you want this way.
How committed are you?
Have no self control? One of the easiest ways to control yourself in ANY situation that you may otherwise go overboard at is to change your environment as drastically and instantaneously as you can.

3 Steps To Success
1. Inspiration typically is the launchpad to something further. Every action you make impregnates the next. Inspiration only gets you so far.. its a good start but how much weight does it really hold? Ask yourself what's next. 2. Motivation gets you going it gets you moving but it won't always be there when you need or want it. It comes and goes. So how do you get to the destination without taking a detour?
3. Discipline!!! Brian Tracey defines discipline as, doing what you need to do when you need to do it whether you want to or not. Doesn't sound complicated at all does it? Well usually the best ideas aren't. When Bruce Lee practiced his striking he didn't just aim for the targets, he aimed and envisioned himself going several inches THROUGH the target.