After never seeing this at the movies and waiting for the hype to die down I watched this movie twice in one day, granted it was rented through Redbox but still.. Straight Outta Compton left me inspired and motivated. Here are some lessons I learned from watching Straight Outta Compton.


Have a uniquely creative vision

NWA created a new path by straying from the original path. Find out what sets you apart


Believe in yourself

If you don't think you can become successful neither will anyone else.

Don't give a fuck

Care less what others think and MORE on your own self. People will limit you if you allow them.

Keep going

After getting disrepsected repeitatly by cops NWA didn't allow Neither success or failure is a finale if you fail get back up if you succeed you're just scratching the surface keep going

Find mentors

You're the sum of your surrounding and people you hang around with. Have a group of special people in your life that are more successful than yourself.

Stay original

Do you no matter what stick to the script never try to fit in ever.

Never back down

You don't have to be aggressive as NWA to get ahead, you just have to stand your ground. Invest in yourself, as soon as we get paid one of the first things we do is buy things and pay bills. When's the last time you've truly made a investment in yourself?

Leave a legacy

Actions and efforts that you accompish daily are investments into who you are, hope to be and desire to accomplish. Are you apart of something ground breaking?

What was your opinion of this movie? Am I the only one left inspired? Did I leave something out? Comment Below.