Stop Making Backup Plans

How can you ever give 100% in anything with even 1% thought of failure? The danger with a back up plan is you risk setting yourself up for an unfulfilling lifestyle. Quite often we're told by our parents especially if you want to do something outside of working at a desk... "make sure you have something to fall back on". As if you already failed or might fail. Where's the motivation???

The REAL Purpose Of A Backup Plan

Let's just admit it, a back up plan is designed by the thought of the original plan not working. It's a "safety net" or "just incase" if you will.

Why Your Backup Plan Sucks

There's no such thing as a backup husband or wife. (Unless you live in an area where that is socially accepted). The more backup plans you have the less likely you are to succeed at your original goal.

Why would you want anything less than linear at your disposal?

Backup Plans Are Uniform And Sequential

If you settle for average you'll do average things. You'll learn to teach average skills and pass them down to your children. You'll show your boss how you display only a second place at best performance on your evaluation and your paycheck will reflect it.

Some things in life can't be replaced and one thing that should never be replaced is what you truly unconditionally love and desire.

Chances are your backup plan was nothing more than a second place avenue. Nobody purposely wants the silver medal, how would you feel if your significant other was replaced with a "runner up"? Imagine going to a concert to see your favorite band only to realize you were misinformed and that you actually came to see a "cover band" play their top hits!

What Do You Believe?

When it comes down to it, a back up plan is nothing but the result of false hope.

If you’ve been lucky enough to find your calling you know WITHOUT A DOUBT it’s irreplaceable, let that be symbolic of your mission and efforts