The only thing standing between you and your goal is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.

Not everyone has the pleasure of a home office. With so many distractions and obligations it only makes sense to place your mind in a non dysfunctional environment. Listen up, nothing will work unless you make it work. Think there's no opportunity? CREATE ONE!

To stay motivated you'll need a combination of the following:
1. A study area
2. Think breaks
3. Direction
4. Inspiration

Natural environment

Make use of your local library why? It's a dreamland for concentration! Most libraries offer free wifi and limited/timed computer use. But it just makes sense to bring your own laptop.

No laptop no problem. I purchased a Chromebook for less than $200. (I'm using it to write this blog as we speak) Find any comfy spot in the library and I promise NOBODY will bother you for hours.

Go to any Starbucks and you're sure to see at least one person with their laptop. They don't care what people think quite often they're making use of the Free wi-fi. I see business meetings and start ups there consistently. All you need is perhaps some noise canceling earphones and you're good to go!

Just don't be this guy..

Just don't be this guy..

Or this guy seriously what the fuck?

Or this guy seriously what the fuck?

Nobody cares about your presence unless your make your presence an attraction
— Terrence Sani (Yup I just quoted myself)

Go to a park, some fresh air (literally) might do you some good. The problem is often we don't want to come off as a intrusive or a creep however that thought is only in YOUR mind.

Your mobile office
No excuses! You can even turn your car into an office! I bring my laptop, books and notebook to work everyday and during my lunch break and I make it my power hour, I'm literally in a bubble for an hour with no distractions, air conditioning, surround sound speakers and a comfortable seat.

Car = Mobile Office Sanctuary

Car = Mobile Office Sanctuary

Everything I need is literally at my fingertips. I've found this VERY useful especially when you have children such as myself.

Need to burn the midnight oil?

  • Sleep during your lunch break (Gain an hour of rest)
  • Cook the night before or cook big meals on Sunday and portion things out for the week

Change topics
Ideas shouldn't be forced, give yourself a break.
-Focus on one thing at a time/direction
-Don't try to be perfect, why? Because perfection is the enemy of productivity

Clean up!
Focus on both physical and mental clarity.. I can't even play my guitar unless the current room I'm in is spotless.

To do or not to do
Sit down and make a solid plan but stick to it! If you must have a "to do list" for the day or week try not to go past 10 tasks. Day by day or week by week eliminate the list by one. You'll QUICKLY start noticing what's priority in your life and tasks that are simply not necessary. Too much work is hard to swallow and it diminishes quality effort. If you put too much on your plate you might get full (was that cheesy?)

Find sources of inspiration

Do you treat obligations like opponents? Well you might want to consider doing so because believe it or not you're in the ring with adversity!

Do you have a inspiration playlist? Not just your favorite song but ones that really move you and instantly change your emotions?

Books/Audio Books
Building a library of referable knowledge. Audio books are pretty sweet for the simple fact it's plug and play. You don't have to highlight and you can still be mobile. More authors are doing their own audiobooks such as Steve HarveyGrant Cardone, even Jillian Michaels. The more often you listen to them the greater the likelihood of you retaining the information when you least expect it. When you need it, it's there what's greater than that?



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