Think in terms of opportunities and solutions instead of problems, disappointment, and failure
— Lorii Myers

Keep moving forward
You may not have the best relationship with someone meaningful in your life or the body, house or dream job you desire or feel you deserve. Maybe you're about to become a new parent but have no clue what you're doing with your life. But you DAMN sure aren't going to obtain anything if you don't start where you are with what you have. One surefire way to drive ourselves into a wall and stop before we even really get going is to compare our current selves to someone who's already successful.

There's levels to success
When using a cookbook you follow the instructions to complete the meal, before a house is built there's an established blueprint, you're tested before obtaining a driver's licence, before your promotion there's exceeded expectation. Understand that where you are now isn't a final destination, or at least it doesn't have to be. Success isn't sporadic, it's sequential. Build consistency in what you do and success has no choice but to become the result of your actions.

Invest in a mentor
People who want to lose weight seek personal trainers, ones who yearn to defend themselves invest in martial arts instructors. It's nuts, lottery ticket holders can often provide an endless amount of items they'd obtain if they were to win. Yet you're more likely to hear Tupac is coming out with a new album for 2016 than you are to ever hear anyone utter the thought of obtaining a financial advisor. 

Mentors exist for an endless list of reasons they come in all shapes, sizes and sources. Investing isn't limited to just the financial aspect. Social media makes it easy, you can follow a mentor on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or Newsletter *hint hint*. All of which costs you nothing.

Eric Thomas, is one of the world's most famous motivational speakers. He posts highly motivational heartfelt videos every Monday on YouTube for FREE!

He also has a online Coaching/mentorship course called Breathe University with videos, mp3's and worksheets, conference calls, ect. that aren't released to the public starting at $20.

Knowledge is the new money, go get you some
— Eric Thomas

Oprah, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, ect. all had mentors as I've said in previous posts no one is self made. You can only do so much on your own. Surround yourself with people who aren't staying still but actually going somewhere in life.


Are you working, building or creating something that will outlast you and your investment? Comment below.

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