Prison With An Open Door

We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment
— Hilaire Belloc

Sometimes when you're focused on a goal you get insanely inspired, however with that inspiration comes the ability to lose yourself.

You can write things down, set reminders on your phone basically attempt to prepare yourself as much as you want but it won't prepare yourself for the directions, twists and turns of life. Daily planners can get lost, phones die, life has made these things so simple that you can quantify things simply by voice commands. However, the consistency in tracking it all down can become daunting.

Why are we so busy? Are we REALLY this busy? How did we as humans become so occupied that we needed assistants to grab us coffee, lunch, shop for us, ect. Are you living a life with uncontrollable deadlines? Deadlines on tasks that aren't surrounded and/or laced with your passions and desires? Is it a life or death situation to update your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? Is everything and everyone in your life strictly on a need to know basis?

If you find it difficult to get things done it's because the distractions in your life aren't just simple distractions.. You're actually allowing yourself to be controlled in a micro-sense! Chances are you didn't see this coming. But more importantly now that you know..WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT???

Years ago daily planners didn't exist. If mom told you to grab something from the grocery store you either write things down on paper and kept a Kung Fu grip on it or you simply remembered with you mind.

We have become a bar-code driven, voice activated, GPS navigated, downloadable, cloud based society! If you were to lose your cell phone and you were in need of help how many phone numbers would you remember? If you went to jail and you had that one free call what would you do?

How often are we in situations in which we say "I know I'm forgetting something"? There's just that uncomfortable feeling of neglect. We can remember to remember things, however we can't recall what exactly to remember. Which brings me to my point.

Whenever that synapse first arrives, ACT ON IT!

Why leave an idea in your mind only to later become forgotten? You may be in the same boat as myself, where ideas arise just as often as they fleet away.

Follow your original mindset, trust your instincts period! I know you've heard that we don't use our brains to the fullest potential and honestly, I'd have to agree. The further we go in technology the more we lose ourselves. So break free of what's enabling you to be distracted. The race isn't won with just the effort alone, it takes discipline as well.

Don't allow yourself to take the easy way out. If weeding out distractions presents a challenge, take it on and be prepared to be unprepared.

This particular blog is aimed to open your eyes and mind to break the habit of putting things aside and realize the things that matter in life, chances are you're less likely to forget something that greatly affects your life in a positive manner.

Always remember your lifestyle should greatly resolve around your passions.