With the recent passing of Prince I only found it right to pay my respect with a blog, sharing pieces of what made Prince... Prince and how we can learn lessons from him to implement into our own lives as well. There's always something to be learned from another individual why not "Prince"? Here's 6 Life Lessons To Learn From Prince

Be yourself stand up and stand out

Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are to other people
— Prince

Prince was known for his stylish and unique threads but the thing I loved about Prince was the fact his behavior or outfits could never ever everrrrrrrrr outshine his craft.

When it came to writing music, his talent spoke for itself. Of Course he can thank people such as Little Richard, Hendrix and others.

But one of the greatest things about being born is the fact that we're all different physically and mentally. But Prince didn't stop at just being himself which is what most of us do. He took the extra step, a few extra steps to be honest.. Prince lived and performed like it was his last.

Prince was known to randomly go onstage during another artist's concert and perform. While you may think that takes some serious guts.. truth is it takes no guts at all when you're confident in yourself.

Where's YOUR confidence at? When the moment presented itself to express himself in the most natural way possible he did so and a way that you couldn't forget. Love em or hate em all it took was one picture, song or video clip and Prince was in your mind to stay.

Do what you love

If you set your mind free baby, maybe you’d understand
— Prince

Prince knew early on what he wanted to do with his life and he stuck to it. I bet deep down inside you may have had somewhat of an idea of what you REALLY wanted to do in life but perhaps you've settled for financial security and comfort. Does this sound about right?

If so it's ok, if you're still living and breathing you're not done with life yet. You've still got some living to do! Many of us accept jobs that pay just enough to keep from quitting and as a result you work just enough to not get fired.

This is NOT the type of balance you wanna portray on a weekly basis because you'll form habits outside of your work life. Sure an office with a window view may sound good coming from someone a higher authority..

But once you look out that window and see other people actually LIVING life while you're stuck doing the complete opposite chances are you'll think twice or regret your decision.

Take care of yourself outside and inside

I can’t be played, because when you play me you play yourself
— Prince

Can you see Prince eating a famous KFC bucket of chicken or drinking cheep 40 oz beers?? Ramen noodles? Have you seen what soda does to your body? Hell no off course not!

Prince followed what is called a "bible based diet" take that however you want.. But to sum it up Prince was vegan (No dairy, meat or fish) now I'm not saying you need to drastically change the way you eat but perhaps you need to look into not only what you're consuming but how it makes you feel afterwards.

Everyone starts somewhere, believe it or not Prince used to stand outside of McDonalds because he couldn't afford fast food. My wife and I are pescetarians (Veggies and fish) There's a reason why Prince wasn't regularly on TMZ until his death.

You are what you eat, there's no way around it we don't even own a microwave at my home. Many people admit to Prince appearing as if he hasn't aged well.. what sets him apart from yourself? There's gotta be a difference right? How are you treating your body?

Help others

Compassion is an action word with no boundaries
— Prince

Prince wrote songs for many people. Who are you helping? Are you doing anything in your life so great that people reach out to you for your help? Are you mentoring anyone?

Are you at a point where you're worthy of taking someone under your wing or are you still trying to get your life together as we speak? Many different artists paved the way for Prince and he continued to do the same for people after him.

Watch what you expose

Everyone has a rock bottom
— Prince

As monumental and scandalous as the internet may be, little is known about Prince's personal life and it's consistently been that way as well.

When you expose characteristics, ideas and certain behaviors about yourself and ones near and dear to you, the floodgates of opinionated criticism and controversy come into light giving fuel for closed minded spectators.


I pray every night, and I don’t ask for much I just stay thank you all the time
— Prince

Prince was a very centered person, he always made it a point to show his gratification. Often he'd pay his respects in interviews to people he respected and honored. You can call me a hippy if you'd like but I honestly believe gratitude is what opens up the doors to success.

Often we don't realize what we have until the rug is pulled from under us. Be grateful for what you have now and you'll find yourself more abundant with what you desired. What are you thankful for? Who have you thanked lately?


Which of the above lessons are you lacking in your life or need a little more work on? Comment below.