I'll never forget, I was a sophomore in high school and my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Believe it or not I didn't know much about any cancer at the time or exactly what it was. My grandmother went through the regular chemo therapy process. She lost her hair, her skin gradually got darker and she became physically weak. But she continued to battle this disease.

Well after a year my grandmother stood up in church and announced her breast cancer was in remission. However a few months later it came back.

Now I'm not sure if the cancer came back more aggressively, but it didn't need to because it had done so much damage prior. What I'm saying is you're one idea, one move, one statement from solidifying your demise or your destiny.

She died fighting, she would have left this world a lot sooner had she given up. She had no option but to fight, her life literally depended on it. Stop acting like you have options.

Perhaps you've done so much hard work that you need that final push but you quit.. or one push to prosper. If you're going to give up you've got no business starting.

Don't doubt yourself to the point where you give failure and rejection the power to make decisions for you. You don't know what your success number is. If you've been rejected 100 times maybe its the 101 attempt that will lead to success. You must understand the rejections you receive now will lead you to the rewards you'll have later.