looking for a job

Is your boss one short sided remark away from you putting in your two week notice? Stressed? Or just burned out at the job? I've looked on Google, Indeed, Glassdoor, even Zip Recruiter. I couldn't find anything that fit my passion anything remotely close was few and far between.

Looking for a job
When you look for a job I suggest you do a self evaluation first, why? Because if you're anything like me you wont ever be 100% satisfied or you'll question what you've gotten yourself into on day 89 of your 90 day probation. Without solidifying what you truly want to obtain, you're gonna be on a very exhausting and never ending job hunt. (I'm speaking from experience)

A "business like" job
Despite the 80% failure rate start ups continue to be highly sought after. Its necessary you develop a kung fu grip on exactly what a "business" actually is. Many start ups and victims of the 9 to 5 rat race create "jobs" for themselves without even knowing it which is the EXACT reason why they fail. I'll explain. When I was a personal trainer I had a website, equipment and business cards the whole nine. But the business depended on me to keep it afloat.

I wanted:

my own money
my own rules
and to be my own boss
(If you read my last blog you know how that worked out..)

My "freedom glasses" didn't allow me to see all of the problematic responsibilities of a self made service.

I wore MANY hats such as:

Personal Trainer = me
Website manager = me
Content creator = me
Marketing = me
Customer service = me
Graphic designer = yup, you guessed it ME!

Vacation? How? Holidays? Yeah right! 1 Hour Lunch breaks? One could only dream... Sometimes you can get burnt out if you turn your passion into a job instead of a lifestyle. God knows I did.

How do you start a business?
When creating a business its essential that you work ON the job not IN the job. If your business can't run without you its a job and one that you can't escape from which is literally the opposite of what you want. Create a business by starting with your lifestyle, grab a pen and paper or open up a word document and write out Exactly how you want your life to be, if this poses a problem break it down into three parts: beginning of the day, middle and end.

Why is this important? Often our lives are limited due to our jobs and income. This is totally backwards. Instead, your job or business should revolve around your lifestyle. $50,000 a year and a life of rich experiences and memories will always hold more weight than a back breaking, mentally defeating $100,000 salary.

The business is a puzzle piece and not the puzzle itself.

Final thoughts:
There are benefits to having a job, but only if it doesn't put a choke hold on the life you want for yourself. Avoid the start up trap, create a wide line between working on a business and working in one.