Letting Yourself Go Boycott The Masses

Letting Yourself Go

Reality Check

If you haven't noticed already, the older we get the faster time goes by. We are all walking talking hour glasses, once the last grain is gone you you can't be turned upside down to get another chance. Which means the time is NOW. Just as you've had time to pack on the pounds, develop animosity towards your spouse and additional stress at the job...

Relationships & Family

If you have a significant other or even if you don't this relates to any relationship, ask yourself.. How did they become to be such an important person in your life. What actions or personality traits of yours displayed such attractive vibes that led you to each other?

Do you believe you're still the person you once were before? If not, ask yourself what's changed and more importantly what caused the change. Write this down and feel free to discuss it with your partner. If you care enough to get things back to where they once were and beyond.. what sense would it make to allow excuses & dysfunction to plague you?


What did you do to get your job? Do you have the same drive, motivation and work ethic that not only put money in your pocket, a smile on your boss's face but gave you a sense of accomplishment and..

Now this doesn't apply to all but I keep it 100 and with that being said it's my opinion that a lot of jobs are simply "hook ups". Many obtain jobs simply due to knowing the boss or coworker will little to no actual interest in the task at hand but just to "get in". We LOVE security but we lack reality.

The Big Picture

Blame who or what you'd like but the simple black and white fact is that no excuse is justified for your unsatisfying daily routines. Each excuse buries who we once were and diminishes our drive. It's ridiculous how obvious and overlooked most of the valuable life lessons are. I myself am a victim of this.