Learn To Let Go

So things aren't going the way you want and it sucks but the good news is TODAY that all changes. The solution is letting things go. Things will never fall into place in your life if you fill in the gaps with ridiculous efforts and wasted actions. Let's be honest, people are sometimes hard-headed and set in their ways we all are in some sense. The ONLY way to change the future is to change the present but how exactly do you go about getting what you want? Here's a start..

Forward Thinking

While I'm not knocking Nostradamus, let's keep it real.. he didn't have some magical ability and certainly wasn't blessed by "the gods". There's no difference between successful people and ones that can accurately predict the future. They're the exact same.

The secret to getting what you want is Forward Thinking. What is forward thinking exactly? To break it down in the simplest explanation forward thinking is a heightened sense of tunnel vision, the ability to look past the efforts and problems of yourself and others.

Having the same arguments with your spouse, coworker, friends, shit even YOURSELF are all signs that you're holding yourself back from what you want. Once small change (the minor tweaks) on your end can untimely result in BIG outcomes and results. Just ask Warren Buffett, he bought Coca-Cola and raised the price a penny.

The result? Millions of dollars in return! To get what you want you MUST pay CLOSE attention to routine efforts and take action on the unusually small details that dictate gigantic actions and as a result promote change. BAM!!! There you go, the beans have officially been spilled!

Cutting The Fat

Become the bigger person and perhaps the individual(s) you're having issues with will follow suit. If not, then they've literally showed you it's time to dismiss them and mitigate their association with you in any way shape or form. The world will reveal answers to you, this isn't just some hippy shit.

It's always the underlying obvious signs that are the first to be overlooked. Both at the workplace and home, you surely know what buttons not to push. People will point you in the exact location of the button and directly tell you to push it. This does nothing but set you back. This isn't forward thinking.

Choose your battles wisely because you can't be fully prepared if there's no time to recover strategize accordingly. Take the Ali approach.. let the enemy tire themselves out so you can strike when the moment is right.

Dismiss the past, there isn't anything you can do with it, be thankful for the present and look forward to the future. You'll find that things will naturally fall into place with a sense of purpose and direction.