Back in my personal training days, I started a company called Exist To Live Fitness (which you can still catch on youtube). Knowing nothing about business I invested a lot of money and time educating myself on how to run a business.

Worrying about equipment, business cards and branding I literally buried my business in seeking information and it never got off the ground. I never focused on getting one client so as a result I got zero clients. You aren't a business without a customer.

Here are some tips to help you avoid the common barriers from taking action:

Stop falling in love with what success looks like

Don't replace what you desire with the accomplishments of others. Are your goals molded from the success of someone else? If so, ask yourself do you really want the struggle that came with it? We add unnecessary stress and pressure by making the accomplishments of others our dream destination. Comparison can be toxic. One way to naturally stand out is by simply being yourself.

A lot of us never start anything because we don't believe we have what it takes to get the job done. Never fall so in love with the success of others that you distort your starting point.

Blueprint vs. Finalization

I'm not anti-blueprint, but please don't get lost in perfection. While you're busy trying to soak up knowledge and take notes to obtain a perfect start, it'll result in a never ending battle of loose post-it notes and frustration.

Think of yourself as a store and your goal as the grand opening:

-It may not be perfect

-Obstacles will present themselves

-Your plans will change

-The market will give you feedback

Any obstacles that you face will actually benefit you, both upfront and in the long run these are hidden advantages of taking action and getting off the ground as opposed to perfecting a blue print.

"You can either embrace, take action and display what you already have inside or continue supporting your current lifestyle with the funds from people paying you to stand still"

Final Thoughts

The key to attacking anything holding you back is to start where you are, with what you have. Because you have everything to lose by never starting and what you lose the most, is the feeling of what your dream looks like.