It all boils down to one ridiculously simple fact: There's winners and losers. Winners are making decisions you aren't making.

Let me break this down incase you missed that.. Winners make result based decisions, winners create mile markers and checkpoints, winners commit and execute.

Alright, let's imagine you've made the simple decision to "better your life" this could be surrounding yourself around the right people and building a team or eliminating the ones who harm your forward progression. Every decision you make needs to be based on what I like to call a "desired after effect".

Create a mile marker/checkpoint

Believe it or not winners have accomplished more things before 10 AM than you'll attempt to accomplish the entire day. You love sleep more than you do grinding. Let's be honest. Doesn't it make more sense to grind now so you can later sleep when, where and how you want? Oprah didn't rest, Jordan didn't rest, Steve Jobs didn't put off the Iphone so he could rest or sleep. And I bet you're glad he didn't right?

Everything comes at a damn cost. It KILLLLS ME. You can spend money on meaningless things EVERYDAY. HUNDREDS on diabetic causing coffee drinks everyday, going out to eat during your lunch breaks or even impulse buying on Amazon.

Winners break down what it takes to get what they want.

It's good to make a decision and set a goal but let's be clear, you've wasted your energy and time if you haven't set a date. Now, the date doesn't have to be the deadline for accomplishment. Rome wasn't built in a day and the journey to 1,000 steps starts with one step at a time.

Example, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks are you going to breaks this down? Or are you just going to do exercises and hope for the best that you reach your "holy number" at the end of the 12 weeks? As a personal trainer myself, I can tell you one thing... You can watch workout videos, watch what you eat or even hire a trainer. But during the whole process you MUST have some accountability or else you won't take it serious period.

Break it down how many pounds do you need to be in 3, 6, 9 and 12 weeks? You're much better equipped to execute your journey by setting mile markers. No date means no chance, you're basically just leaving it up in the air. As a bonus deadlines mentally keep the fire burning. Once you hit halfway you know exactly where you are, what you have left to do and you have a reference to look back at which is your physical proof of your progression.

Winners make decisions to break pending accomplishments down. All games usually have periods, quarters or halfs. But winners parallel this into their life while others have yet to notice this trick. Winners look at decisions and goals as nothing but journeys. I don't need to tell you, you need a blueprint to build a house.

Execute your decisions

Losers talk winners listen, plain and simple. Talking the talk is effortless, all those MTV crib episodes that you drooled over were scripted and rented. Winners don't say I want they say I will! I will leave this job, I will lose x pounds, I will have this or that. Problem is YOU aren't claiming ANYTHING you're simply wishing. Winners know they can have anything they demand. You just have to be patient, consistent and it's yours. I bet you've told yourself you WANT more money, you WANT a better job ect... but what have you done to do it? Where's your execution, your grind your hustle??

Stay committed to your decisions

Do we need to talk about new year's resolutions? Gyms make a KILLING, already knowing more than half the new memberships will cancel their gym routines, BUT STILL KEEP their memberships. Why?? Because losers are stuck on stupid they're stuck WISHING, you'll always want what you don't have until you finally have it. If you never set dates No deadline, no commitment no drive or motivation.

Hopefully you've been inspired and by now you can see the simple difference between why you're not winning and why others are. Thing is you have the ability to change this starting today! It's a mind thing that's all.

Will you make a decision and stick to it?
Will you make a decision and stick to it?

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