How To Trade Negativity For Success

How To Trade Negativity For Success

People often say motivation doesn’t last, well that may be true, but neither does bathing that’s why we recommend it every day
— Zig Ziglar

It's insanely unlikely that we'll just wake up one day mentally refreshed and changed. YOU MUST act on the ideas and advice we learn or simply accept staying average and depressed.

It's perfectly normal to feel down, discouraged and depressed. Especially nowadays if you watch the news.. that alone can very easily bring on unconscious negativity. The difference lies in how quickly we decide (yes WE decide) to get over the things that are holding us back and making us feel anything but ourselves. If you're hungry enough to succeed you've always gotta move forward in continuous improvement.

Self-Improvement Is A Hands-On Project

You'll QUICKLY realize that finding motivation and inspiration on a daily basis can lead to a more positive life. Need help? Read positive quotes, go to your local bookstore, listen to your favorite workout/motivational songs or start making a playlist. Don't have one? Google is your friend Check out Eric Thomas, he makes Monday YouTube videos to get you through the week! Hopefully a few of these tips will do wonders towards reprogramming the way in which you see your world.

Attempt To Balance Any Negative Experiences With Something Positive

Keep in mind that no matter how great any idea or advice is, unless YOU choose to implement it and give it a fair shot to work in your life you're not going to get any results.

Let's make sure you're pickin up what I'm puttin down!

YOU have to be a part of your own success journey. If you want to see actual sustaining change for the better in your life, you've got to be the biggest part of the process.

So simply knowing that you can offset your negative feelings by introducing positive thoughts into your mind simply wont be enough. You've gotta be like Nike & Just Do It. Which means keeping your inspiration handy when you need it. I often use note taking apps like Google Keep and Evernote so that I'll always have pictures, quotes and videos at my disposal.

Like dieting or exercising, developing a positive mental attitude is a choice. It's not always immediate, but if you will work on it, and cultivate it you will see results. And those around you will as well.

How do you stay motivated? What do you use as inspiration? Please comment below.