How To Live With Ease

I personally do not believe it's stressed enough but when is the last time you've done some self examination? It's a necessity in a forever changing world.

* How well do you know yourself?
* When's the last time you've gotten to know yourself?
* Have you truly embraced yourself?

Are you consumed with work and the drama it may come with? If you're dreading the work day based on certain individuals what does that say about you? You may have become so consumed in their lives, in their personality that you don't even know who you are anymore. You may know more about someone else than yourself. Who are you?

In a full day are you spending more time doing what you don't enjoy and talking about what you dislike than what makes you happy? How'd you get into these situations? Sorry to tell you but you may have possibly allowed it to happen. The stolen attention has been self induced.

Becoming aware of it and constantly asking yourself questions is a good step in the right direction. Ironically, you may find it easier to be consumed in other people's lives in a negative fashion and not even see yourself adding more fuel to the fire of your own life's experiences.

Ever find yourself stuck in a rut? A routine? If this is the case, you'll soon find that we only receive back what you get out of life.

Ever find yourself asking the following questions:

-What do I have to offer my family, friends and most importantly myself?
-Do I have any energy after work to actually do something for myself?
-Should I cook when I get home or just grab some fast food? 

As if traffic to and from work wasn't enough, you find yourself slowly becoming a ticking time bomb by the time you get home and walk through the door? Just waiting for someone to say or do the wrong thing so that you can unleash the wrath of utter destruction that's been building up because you had a bad day, a resolution that didn't fall in your favor?

If you've often found yourself in such previous situations...Guess what??? SOMETHING'S WRONG!!!! It's actually at this moment where you need to start being honest with yourself and questioning everything.

Get to the source!!! Often you'll find that you self-willingly put yourself in situations that you now REGRET or are unhappy with. Stress causes many things: weight gain, weight loss, high blood pressure, fatigue, loss in sexual desire (you can't be afraid to address this), alcoholism, panic attacks, depression, heart attacks, can ruin relationships and families.

Eliminate the precursor and you could eliminate having to go to the doctor and getting OVERCHARGED for ailments you could have avoided in the first place.

We're sooo quick to judge others before we judge ourselves. How "on point" have YOU been lately?