How To Hustle
The one who get’s knocked out first loses, you’ve gotta beat adversity to the punch

Here's how to hustle:

This means waking up earlier than the ones currently on top of the ladder, for example the average person reads only one book a year.. but more importantly, did you pay attention to what I just said? The "average person". You didn't come across this website by accident, something drew you to it you AREN'T average so stop associating yourself with that word and anyone that displays this type of behavior. You can't kill a hustler Why? You can't kill anything that will never die and it's very fucking difficult to kill something that's constantly moving.

Hustling is like playing a video game with a cheat code that allows you to be invincible, kicking ass and taking names plowing through obstacles to get to your destination

1. Throw away practicality as it has the chance of limiting the vision of what you want to desire because your dreams and drive should NEVER have a capitation.

2. Define what you want

3. Assume and vision that you'll obtain whatever it is, forget plan B plan b sucks go out and do it (bring a note pad and a pen if you fail you can jot down notes and reverse engineer, if you succeed you can jot down notes and create steps moving forward)

4. Consistently repeat the process until what you desire is literally staring you in the face!

Sleep doesn't care about your goals and most likely your boss doesn't as well let's just be honest.


The advantages of hustling

There's so much to GAIN in NEVER GIVING UP! Here are some advantages to hustling:

Consistency - You can't win if you never give up point blank period! By being consistent you build a hard exterior, which further prepares you for future obstacles.

Results & rewards - Hustler's ultimately and eventually gain, you're rewarded by the act of taking action.

Confidence - Once you make the first sale, get the first degree, land that job you'll have the mental ammo you need to succeed. (Hey that rhymes!)

Drive - The biggest and most effective tool to hustling is your grind and your direction there's only one direction.. FORWARD hustlers know why they grind and what they hustle for.

Knowledge - This is your monumental advantage, people can educate themselves with books and videos, they can even surround themselves around like minded individuals but nothing at all holds as much as weight as experienced knowledge. There's just simply some skills you can't learn and obtain from a book.

Networks - If you hustle long enough you'll meet individuals and organizations that may provide additional opportunities and perhaps even take you under their wing, you risk the chance of being at the right place at the right time.

Outsourcing - Once you get a handle on things you'll learn to outsource and use other resources to do certain tasks for you saving you time, stress and providing you freedom to move onto the next goal. If the business can't run without you physically doing the work it simply means you don't have a "business" you have a "job". When's the last time you saw the founder or CEO at your job? Successful people don't sell businesses because they give up, they sell them to move on.

Books to sharpen your hustle mindset:

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