How To End Toxic Relationships

How To End Toxic Relationships

We're all tired of chasing dreams and you're willing to do anything to reach them. Howeverrrr you find yourself to be bare ass naked due to negative relationships stripping you of your efforts and burying your dreams.

Negativity is attractive, it smells uncertainty and sells itself sympathetically.

Identify The Toxic People
Toxicity is a tricky little thing it takes over you. Chances are you usually don't know what happened until you find yourself at the end of an uncomfortable conversation. They can come in many forms such as your friends, family, teachers, coworkers even worse your significant other.

They'll usually come in two categories: people who dislike the world and people who haven't quite realized they don't like themselves. Sometimes you'll even come across both.

Don't Be The Enabler
It only takes one simple statement on your behalf to open up the floodgates of negativity. What you think about you bring about. So start thinking positive and you'll attract people in your life who are actually successful. At the LEAST the more positive you are the more negativity will standout meaning the faster you can begin to dismiss it.

Misery Loves Company
We as humans naturally use each other as support systems for both good and bad. Toxic people are constantly recruiting followers 24/7 there's no pleasing them so quit while you're ahead. I find the best way to end a conversation is to simply not display your two cents. By giving your opinion in a toxic conversation you're honestly giving them the greenlight in which they're more likely to come to you in the future with more BS.

Don't Waste Your Time
Here's a great tip.. if you haven't quite yet surrounded yourself around positive successful people learn to cut the fat now. You can take baby steps by not answering the phone or text before 1:00 PM unless it's someone you deem to be successful and worth your time. All the naysayers, haters and others looking for a platform to display their life bashing stories can wait. You wanna be successful right? 

Feel bad? Don't! Listen to this.. What's crazy is toxic people often recruit the next listener unconsciously. Are you pickin up what I'm puttin down?

When It's All Said And Done
Where do you go & what do you do once you've rid yourself of toxic people? You find yourself at a crossroad. This is where a solid foundation of both faith and motivation come into play. For every toxic person you remove try replacing them with someone or something successful and/or influential. 

Stop looking for justification in others, the haters, toxic friends & family all have the ability to throw seeds on you in which they will attempt to grow deep solid roots with an abundance of negativity.

We're so quick to upgrade our phones, cars ect. but have you upgraded yourself? You deserve more! I'll leave you with a quote from someone who is quickly becoming my most influential mentor.

When life knocks you down, you should always try to land on your back.. Because if you can look up, you can get up!
— Les Brown

How do you remove toxic people from your life? Comment below.