If you haven't already read my bio. SPOILER ALERT!! I got fired while my wife was pregnant. If that isn't rock bottom I don't know what is.

Define what rock bottom is
Let's dive into your mindset, rock bottom isn't the end all. It doesn't even have to be a "setback" perhaps it's a "set up" for great things. Why think negatively when the future isn't here yet? Where's your mind at? Let's focus and get back on track. You'll always be what you set yourself up to be mentally.

If you're at the bottom you've got two options.
1. Look up - Get comfortable watching everyone above you progress
2. Move up - Make some changes that result in positive progression

Every single day in this world someone buys a brand new car KNOWING it'll eventually need a maintenance check, oil change, tune up, NEW TIRES the list goes on. What's permanent in this world? Life surely isn't! Who doesn't need a challenge every now and then? Perhaps it's a sign you've maxed out with your current situation and it's time to upgrade. Life will without a doubt check you and attempt to put you in your place typically when you least expect it.

If you’re going through hell Keep going

Consistency works it's time to hustle
Are you consistent? I know what you're saying..."With what?" It's a pretty broad question but stick with me here my point is for it to broad. So back to the question, Are you consistent? Think about it, how did you get to where you are currently? What will it take to get past your current situation? Or are you consistent with blowing things off, mentally wanting to do things but never putting any actual action behind those thoughts of yours.

Check out this video below where I go into the result of "casually" doing things.

If you go through life being casual, you will become a casualty

You've got the answers within TRUST ME
You may go to someone for help and advice, nothing is wrong with that whatsoever we all need a little guidance but you'll eventually find that the answer to whatever problem you have currently is within yourself. But you can't find it just yet right?

Well it's buried, under excuses, bad habits and self doubt. Once you uncover those the answer will reveal itself. I know I sound like a hippy but believe me well better yet don't believe me. Experience it yourself!

1. Confront your excuses
2. Change your bad habits
3. Argue with the self dialogue you have within your mind

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