Alton Sterling

After watching the recent video of Alton Sterling's death and witness my facebook feed flooded with this story and the hope for "change". I MUST bring some things to light...

There's the obvious...
There seems to be an abundance of recently recorded murders involving African american males and caucasian police officers.

Perhaps we're not digging deep enough...
You must ask yourself.. justified or not what's bringing this to light so much more consistently than before?

Often we're so caught up in the "now" that the "past" slowly fades and becomes blurry. Our lifestyles are "live and direct" more than they've ever been. But with the rise of self broadcasting platforms comes an abundance of reality and brutal truth.

The reality of how fucked up the world can be is becoming a hard pill to swallow for most. Are these events REALLY new? Not at all, there aren't enough minutes or hours in the day to broadcast every crime that's committed on a day to day basis and the justification or lack of. It's impossible to take the good without some of the bad.

Bye Bye Media
The reason why you're seeing, reading and hearing about this more often is simple. TV and most of all media is bought and sold, if you do enough research you'll come to find that the TV was made for one reason only... to ADVERTISE. The television was invented simply as a source and platform to advertise visual campaigns to get you mentally sold on buying something.

The media decides what to show and not show. However... we are BECOMING the media! Why watch basic tv when you can control your own entertainment with Tivo, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Facebook Live, Snapchat, ect..

By broadcasting events on our own demand it naturally raises awareness, forces questions to be addressed (not answered), minds to become open or altered. We don't have to wait for Fox or CNN to broadcast anything anymore we're slowly Boycotting The Masses.



The Problem..
Our efforts fall short.. we're using the same social media platforms to broadcast crimes as we do to gloat about our materialistic idealizations. The thing is, the justice stops there. Talk really is inexpensive but action requires commitment to consistently being in uncomfortable situations.

Are you forming your own opinion based on loose facts? One video, article or picture can quite easily provide misconceptions that allow you to solidify an opinion. With consistency comes belief.

Two people can read the same book, watch the same movie or hear the same song only to come up with a different outlook. Perhaps strong, weak or a never ending chase of curiosity.

At best the trend of these events stir up conversations and open minds.

1. Watch video
2. Talk about it
3. Go back to trends until it happens again

New Outcomes New Efforts
Are we tying the actions and mindsets of past civil rights activists from the past to the present? Or are we dismissing the lessons learned and simply taking matters into our own hands?

Previously people would die in the attempt to bring equality into reality. I'm afraid the momentum has died with many of the freedom fighters. We should be light years ahead of where we are today. Is equality impossible?

When's the last time you stood for something so much you'd die for it? Are you living to make a difference or become the difference?

If we break the cycle we can break the system but we'd rather kill each other than impregnate justice.