Get On Your Grind

Ask yourself what holds weight when it comes to something worthwhile and meaningful to you. Get on your grind.

Hard work provides the highest pay, it’s just not advertised

This past Easter I went to the park with my family I witnessed people playing tug of war, kids playing soccer, little babies running with football's more than half their size, people running with dogs, kids jump roping and children swimming.

All of which required no technology. Well there was the radio. There's people out here really living their lives I see it everyday, they aren't tied down behind a desk all day. They have the freedom to travel and live life on their own terms.

Is Your Grind Justified?
Are you content making money for other people? If so then that's totally fine. But if you sacrifice time with friends and loved ones, yet still see yourself on life's treadmill going nowhere fast... You need to adjust your "why".

What would it take to get from where you are currently to where you’d like to be? Don’t be afraid to talk to yourself, the only person who’s opinion of you matters is yours.

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Assume & You're Halfway There!
Always feel as if you're going towards what you wanna acquire whether it be parenthood, new home, a degree, promotion, job opportunity etc. As I've said before in previous posts life naturally has a way of weeding out the bs, the problem is we get involved and attempt to play God with the intention to fix things ourselves. We make our lives so much more difficult than it needs to be. Keep your mind right and your life will fall in line, eventually.

Boycott The Masses - Shut Your Mouth

Shut your mouth!
This is one of the 48 Laws of Power, when you open your mouth and tell everyone your dreams and goals you also simultaneously open the door for negativity, haters and traps.

So what if you have no haters right now and you're content with the state of your willpower?Perhaps your willpower hasn't truly been tested? Maybe all it takes is the wrong criticism from the right person that pulls you in the WRONG direction.

Remind yourself what you grind for
Many smartwatches and fitness trackers will alert you when you're inactive or idle. Why not set reminders on your phone every few hours of motivational quotes. You can easily do this with Google Calendar or whatever calendar/notification program you're currently using. I recommend this especially on Mondays throughout the day or after lunch. Practice makes promise.

Recommended Books:

The 48 Laws of Power
By Robert Greene
The 50th Law
By 50 Cent, Robert Greene