One of the main weaknesses of mankind is the average man’s familarity with the word impossible.

Do you feel limited?

Looking to better your life? Who isn't? Join the party. Let's just get down to it.. here's the reason why you aren't where you are and unable to obtain the skills to acquire what you desire (hey that rhymes). You're too comfortable with the word "impossible".

Let me ask you something.. who controls your life? Who walks your footsteps? Who knows your thoughts, dreams, drive and determination better than yourself? NOBODY but yourself. You are your own worst enemy. Do you quit before even trying? How impossible are your dreams really? The secret to getting out of your own way is ACTION.

The mindset is a tricky thing it's quick to dismiss progressive thoughts just as easily as it creates them. Let's be honest, our minds aren't comfortable adapting to change especially rapid change.

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Discard And Abort

Right now and for the rest of your existence remove the word "impossible". Don't attempt to replace it with another word, work on eliminating the cognitive minded paradigm which disables you from pursuing what it is the world is telling you to do (There I go sounding like a hippy again). If you're one of those people telling yourself you "can't" this blog was written for you! 

The thought of anyone being mentally disabled typically implies that the person was born with a condition, a natural ailment or the result of some catastrophic trauma. But have you ever heard of how we self-willingly disable our physical abilities mentally? Hell no! Good luck finding a school book to teach you that. Thought about going to the gym to shed those few extra pounds or reading a book but talked yourself out of it? One could consider that a condition within itself. But we usually brush this off and move onto something else that we'll later leave unfinished.

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Your Plan Of Action

Let's try a simple exercise, you'll have everything to gain and nothing to lose by doing so:

1. Grab a pen and paper

2. Write a vertical line through the middle

3. On the left write down a list of desires and passions (define those)

4. On the right write down EXACTLY the reason why you haven't been able to obtain it

5. On the back write down what you'll now be doing going forward that will reward you with the life you deserve.

Keep this with you DAILY and discard once you have memorized it!


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