The early bird mentality

The early bird does NOT get the worm contrary to what you believe. All too often we lock onto what we see as the truth without questioning any other possibilities. Ever wonder why it feels as if you're running in place? Getting nowhere fast?

This is what you're taught in society/school:

The early bird gets the worm


To get what you want you'll need to be first or early.

My first thought:

But then what? What comes after the worm is caught or is that the end all???? If there's always going to be more worms to "catch" the cycle wont ever end its a TRAP. Some of us are so busy in the chase that we get lost in what we're chasing and why. When really we're chasing expiration dates. The "next best thing" has a SHORTER TIME SPAN than the source ALWAYS. We're blinded from "sources" by upgrades.

My further thought:

The BEST a bird can get is SECOND place. The early bird ALWAYS comes in 2nd place. WHY??

Because a bird can't ever beat dirt

Dirt always comes in first place why? Because its what the worms are attracted to!

If the bird starts to live in dirt it'll always have worms and being "early" wont mean anything.

You can't measure a dirt's IQ because it doesn't have a brain its just dirt..

But dirt is a lot more than what you see with your eyes

Dirt is a SOURCE

The nutrients are RICH and necessary for things that come to it

Dirt doesn't do ANYTHING BUT JUST BE ITSELF and by being itself by doing its ONE THING and one thing WELL as a result it attracts various other things to it.

Final Thoughts:

Stop thinking small, your mind is BIG.