Does your desire outweigh your efforts? The quickest way to dropping the dead weight long term is to define what's major and what's minor. Determine if you're majoring in minor tasks that do not align with your end goals or minoring in the major key factors that will drive you to your destination.

It's natural to dream big and yield high expectations. Who doesn't want to be two steps ahead in every aspect of their lives and have an extra digit in their bank account? No matter how solid your commitment is its very problematic to carry out your dreams when you're carrying around dead weight.

Distractions are like fast food, instant gratification but long term weighted problems

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you staying up late? Turning your phone off? (When's the last time you turned your phone OFF not restart but actually off?)

When do you turn the tv off? (When it's time to get ready for work or go to bed?)

I'll be honest, none of those actionable questions seem attractive at first glance. But once you really dive into how bad you want something these will become sexy again because they're the tools you'll need to get past go and progress past the finish line.

What are you majorly spending your time doing? What are you giving your big efforts to? Texting, talking on the phone, binge watching tv shows? The biggest secret that attracts us to distractions is instant gratification. We look forward to the "likes" and attention we gain from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ect. Often this is what we exchange our precious time for.

The problem isn't that you can't accomplish what you want, the issue is that the small accomplishments don't yield long lasting results. It's the difference between a one night stand and a long satisfying marriage.

Procrastination isn't a disease!

But when your efforts stray you from the path by pushing you further away from your goals it's time to reevaluate and reassess your directional path.

  1. Grab a sheet of paper and write down what you're an expert in (Hint: Anything you can typically teach, give a course on or write a book on. This includes social media and tv shows)
  2. Cross out EVERYTHING you think gets in the way of what you desire
  3. Circle the ONE category you're an expert in that can accelerate you to your goals.
  4. Whatever your ONE thing is, write it down, put it in your wallet, purse, bathroom car, office, ect.

From this point on if you pay close attention you'll notice your mind will naturally search for any and every distraction under the sun, life will test your consistency and it's up to you to exhaust yourself with the dead weight or lighten your load and accelerate your life to obtain greatness.

We live in a world where "Nobody wants to climb" anymore we'd much rather segway and hovercraft our way to success. This comes at a price...