We often give power to so many things that never matter

Ever find yourself at the end of and emotional build up for something that really never held any weight in the first place? Something you allowed to propel itself into other areas of your life?

People say you can wake up on the wrong side of the bed but in all honestly what does that really mean? Does it mean your entire day has the possibility to be fucked up due to the first few seconds of waking up and going through the daily grind?

Basically you have the ability to control your life. What are you really doing with it? Are you bringing to life the things that never matter. Rebirthing and regurgitating previous behaviors or allowing yourself to become magnetized by the actions of others.

This can be very hard to control but what poses an even bigger obstacle is never noticing what causes you to reflect this in your life. If your daily grind includes working for the man chances are after establishing a routine your drive is slightly skewed and diminished.

It only takes one simple statement on your behalf to open up the floodgates of negativity.

Be mindful of your thoughts and actions always. Nobody should ever have to face the raft of your behaviors and actions.

Aim to drop all possible negative things in your life before your mind gets stuck and comfortable. The last thing you want is for your mind to latch onto negativity and work on autopilot.

It's crazy how we allow such simple things to impact our lives in the biggest way. A really lame song coming on the radio, something you wanted that's no longer on sale anymore, someone cutting in front of you.

Before we know it we've already cursed someone out or have emotionally played out the worst scenario possible where we come out the victor and feel justified for our actions based solely on our opinions alone. I call these positivity blockers

Follow the trail. If you're in tune with yourself chances are you can get to a point where you can not only manage your stress but you can actually pinpoint the moment that started your day off on the wrong foot.

What are some of the things you do to stay positive?

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