When you know money is coming in, you have a huge sense of happiness. nobody can ever break that feeling you have inside. You can literally go to bed feeling broke and wake up feeling rich regardless of the amount. Why? Because its simply more than what you had previously.

A small victory after a big war is just as monumental as it is crucial. Regardless of the amount, just knowing that you have guaranteed money puts you in a mental state of euphoria.

I need you to direct that same feeling and same emotion towards goals you have yet to accomplish.
I need you to be happy about the lessons you've learned from coming up short.
I need you to be direct deposit happy when your boss tries to break you down
I need you to be direct deposit happy when the day doesn't seem like it can get any better but you're determined to change that around and dominate.

I need you to be direct deposit happy in your relationships
I need you to be just as happy in the attempt to concur your fear
I need you to be direct deposit happy when things don't go your way
When you meet resistance.

Why? Because when you're direct deposit happy you already know what the end goal is. You know what it takes to get what you want, being direct deposit happy is the result and confidence knowing that your efforts will be handsomely rewarded.

Being direct deposit happy allows you to work in a resilient atmosphere and allows your tunnel vision to take you to the next level.

Direct deposit happy is all about your internal drive.
But you can't be direct deposit happy with overdraft tendencies.
You gotta be careful how much you withdrawal in life, why? Because is crucial that You don't dwell in the excitement of your goals.

When you share and teach what's helped you in life you develop interest on that particular topic. This interest provides extra value.

So I need you to be direct deposit happy in everything that you do I need you to know your purpose is bigger than you.

Your journey is a direct deposit to your destination.