cosigning your dreams
Never allow anyone to make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want
— Cedrick Hunter

My cousin once told me something back when I was in middle school that never left my mind. Back in 2004 when I got my first "new" car. My mom agreed to match my down payment on whatever car I wanted, but refused to co-sign the payment contract at the car dealership.

I had no credit at the time (which is just as bad as no credit at all due to no established history). But she taught me a good life lesson.. Life will only take you as far as you'll allow it when it comes down to it, you've gotta make the moves to approach and dominate your desires. 

Take responsibility

The only one that can make the leap of faith is you. Take ownership of your dreams, make sure you embrace what you truly desire. Sure you may have haters, obstacles or even disbelief but that's life.

Stop giving away your power

Let's just address the elephant in the room.. Why do you need, approval and confidence from others to embrace and proceed with YOUR OWN dreams? What's the benefit to having a "yes" person? People with low self esteem and confidence surround themselves around Yes Men. I ask myself all the time who's behind some of the god awful music on the radio? How the hell did someone in the studio approve such horrid music and say "this is it"?

There's no personality in the approval of others.

What does this say about you? It actually makes you look weak, foolish and incapable. What is it you want to become? Have you been too busy living the expectations of others? Nobody can or will live for you.

The dealership was nice enough to reserve the car for 4 days until I found a financial solution. I just so happened to open my mouth and mentioned that I had a checking account with my local credit union. The agent asked why hadn't I mentioned it before and proceeded to finance my new car through the bank splitting my interest rate in half and building my credit at the same time.

This most likely wouldn't have ever been a possibility if my mother cosigned for what I wanted. Comment below have you ever allowed anyone to cosign and approve your dreams, passions and desires?