More often than not when it comes to goals there are only two types of people. Climbers or hikers, the perception can be applied to the workforce, relationships or any goal one may have. The concept is rather simple..

Climbers - consistently move up
Hikers - move forward

If you have no idea where you are, you'll come to find that It's crucial that you know where you currently stand. So with that being said, let's dive in.

When you're a climber each move and every step is strategically aimed for the destination. The eye is on the prize from the jump. When's the last time you've ever done anything without losing focus? Doesn't sound too difficult right? 

However, when obstacles present their ugly heads typically the goal isn't quite as clear as it once was. Climbers go over and beyond. They don't let up but instead consistently put up.

Instead of sitting still and being comfortable climbers are ones who replace optional ability with an urgent "imperative" and "obligation" mindset.

How much more successful would you become if every aspect in your life was focused on the end goal?

Are you in a long term relationship with no plan of marriage or kids? Maintaining your current weight and health? Invested many years of service to one job position? If so, perhaps you're living the lifestyle of a hiker.

Just as climbers hikers move as well, the difference is in the direction of the movement. Hikers move straight not up.

If you love where you are with what you have your clearly are a hiker. Hikers can eventually move up as well but typically only after having their ducks in a row first.

What if you're a mix of both?
In different aspects of your life you may notice that you're not just a climber or hiker. You may be a climber at your job but a hiker in your marriage a climber with parenthood but a hiker in your exercise routine. If this is the case, might I suggest doing a self evaluation. All around consistency may provide benefits that you desire.

Now that you know the difference between hikers and climbers you try using this concept when you're presented with a goal, challenge or new obligation.