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Are Your Thoughts Holding You Back?

You've got the power to train your brain to decide what to think.

Get as centered with yourself as you can, so that you decide what you wish to think, instead of having your thoughts and emotions decided by the world around you. The untrained brain has more emotional ups and downs as it's reacting to random thoughts. 

Remember, merely like the Earth, your brain doesn't discern what you plant. It will work just as hard to grow weeds as it will to grow beautiful blossoms. You decide the seeds that are planted by what you say to yourself again and again. Your subconscious brain doesn't know the difference between actual reality and fanciful reality. If you center on what you say you don’t want, then you'll produce that as the dominate request in your experience.

Define yourself as the fresh individual you chose to be, Boycott The Masses. 

If you believe you're destined to be below average, poor, unlucky in love, awkward, or even “not good at something,” you'll take actions that make these thoughts become true. None of these thoughts are really true, but thinking them produces beliefs and images in your brain that reinforce these damaging statements till they really become true for you.

Be aware of the directions you provide your brain. Your internal dialogue, along with what you think about situations, is how you produce your emotions. Damaging self-talk messages will cause you to quit before you even try. If you continue to tell yourself, “I’ll never be able to quit this; I’ve been doing it so long.”

You're programming yourself to trust that you're too weak and powerless to defeat the habit. These damaging permissions clutter your ability to alter your behaviors. Pay attention to yourself if you hear yourself speaking damaging permissions and damaging reinforcements.

Avoid damaging self-talk: “I can’t accomplish this. I don’t understand. I’ll look unintelligent. I’m too old to learn new skills. They make me feel unintelligent. That’s merely the way I am. There’s nothing I can do. No one in my household can do it, so I know I can't.”

Alter your self-talk to positive reinforcement for altering old behaviors (habits). A favorable outlook produces more options for creative solutions. Remember, center on what you want. Keep it simple.