Are You Shameless?

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
— Jillian Michaels

How often have you been in situations where you didn't trust your gut, only to later regret it? You always hear people telling you to trust your gut however you're never 100% certain it's the right thing to do usually until it's typically too late.

Let me throw a solid fact at you.. life is too damn short for regrets! Why take the chance/risk of not obtaining what you choose when you have the option to go for it?

If there's one thing I've learned the hard way it's that FAILURE DOESN'T EXIST! It's literally something you yourself create. Let me repeat that incase you missed it. Failure is something you create mentally, therefore you have the power to dismiss it.

If you think you've failed before you've attempted or even worse while you're attempting anything, well in essence this is when you invite obstacles.

Perfect example, have you ever been somewhere and ran into someone you used to know way back when. Only to tell yourself "man I could have been with her/him if I would have just had the guts to approach her/him".

Never be afraid to be yourself, you can't be anyone else. Everyone else is already taken. You could be missing out on open doors simply due to the lack of not being genuine.

There's a reason why you're attracted to certain music, clothes, people. Millions of people can sing the same tune however nobody sings or sounds the same. Bruce Lee was only one guy and there are many great martial artist before and after his time however nobody has ever been like him and he's been dead for a while.

I guess what I'm trying to say is we're all born with an expiration date and while your time is ticking away why waste time straying from the simplest thing you could ever do while you're here in this mind movie called life.. being your true self.

Discover and embrace yourself, stop being self-critical because at the end the only thing that matters is what YOU think.