Are You A Quitter?

We’re all self conscious I’m just the first to admit it
— Kanye West

The option to quit will ALWAYS be there. So will the opportunity to postpone things. You may always have the option to go left, right, up or down.

The truth is nothing ever gets easier, In fact the only thing that changes are your options. You literally have the power to create and/or eliminate them.

Mostly everyone who's experienced success though the test of time continue to do so because their option is no option. You should demolish any options/thoughts that don't require hard work, as they may very well lead to a mirage of unhappiness.

Choices/options can be dangerous just ask Wall Street. No risk no reward is true. But what's the use if the risk it's no longer substantial?

Everyone including you reading this right now already have the body you've been dreaming of... The reason why it doesn't look ideal to you right now is because you've accepted the wrong self image.

Let's not forget we thrive on artificial visualization.

Before you got to where you are currently, did it start with a vision? Perhaps you're like me, maybe you didn't see it yourself, it was all around you but remained unnoticed. We all can be hard headed.

You are a fighter! Too often we don't pat ourselves on the back. When's the last time you could just bask in the glory of an accomplishment? Take a step back and REALLY look at the obstacles life has presented you.

Give yourself credit for the fight and hustle. The soil we stand on is riddled with blood, sweat and tears from generations of hard work!