Born To Be AN Entrepreneur

5 Signs You're Born To Be An Entrepreneur

I've made the strong firm decision that 2016 will be the last year I work for someone else.

This has been my most recent affirmation as of yet. Not only do I write it down everyday I believe and take action as well. If you're also tired of climbing the corporate ladder it may be because you know deep inside you're worth so much more than a lame hourly wage.

Here are some signs that you may have been born with an entrepreneurial spirit:

You Analyze Practical & Logical Situations
Working 40 hours a week inside a three wall cell like a lab rat starting at the retirement clock. Chances are you've got that itch.. 8 hours is a lot of time to be doing just any one thing. If you're gonna put in all the mental effort and time away from your passions, hobbies and loved ones it BETTER be worth it right?

Good At Weeding Out BS
Questing everything is a great start but having that simple radar to avoid the drama, static and distractions life will throw at you is one of the most valuable signs you have a unique journey and requirement to do extraordinary things.

Desire To Live With A Purpose
You have the realization and desire that you want to leave your mark on the world instead of taking your dreams, passions and talents to the grave. You never know how long or short your time on this Earth is we're all born with expiration dates. So the time is now to go hard and LIVE.

Entrepreneurs bask in this, if it doesn't scare you chances are the reward falls short of value. But it's the one's who gain confidence through every trial and tribulation get back up and get at it that separates you from the masses.

Constant Urge To Be Challenged
Let's be honest.. If you went into work doing everything you needed to accomplish from start to finish without sitting around "looking busy" how much free time do you think you'd have? Are you really productive for the entire shift. Hellll no! I have a theory that shorter more condensed hours lead to higher productivity, happier more dedicated employees.

If you see yourself fitting most if not all these signs chances are you have a bigger purpose that what you might currently feel you're positioned to do in life. Escape the rat race it's time you get off wheel, define who you are and live in the now.