33 Years of living has allowed me to accumulate various life lessons along the way some were tough some were easy and effortless but each holds their own place of importance.

1. Accepting things as they are is both good and bad

2. People will come in and out of your life, not because they can but because you allow it to happen (Related: How To End Toxic Relationships)

3. Be comfortable being in your own skin (Related: You Are Your Outcome)

4. Notice your reactions both from you and others, as this will not only provide answers to future questions but inform you about previous behaviors as well

5. Stop wasting your time, take advantage of the present moments as you get older the time will pass at a much faster pace

6. People will rub you the wrong way and you'll do the same, it won't be intentional but it will be abrupt (Related: How To Trade Negativity For Success)

7. You'll find yourself becoming more tired than you'd like and realize that it's your own fault for not keeping your sleep regimen consistent. When you lose sleep it hits you like a ton of bricks

8. You'll say a lot of things you'll never do, all with the greatest of intentions

9. You'll unintentionally break hearts and realize, in the attempt to please everyone you'll forget you matter first and foremost

10. The hardest pills to swallow will come from the least expected situations and the most unexpected people

11. You'll settle in life may be a job or relationship, just remember settling doesn't equate to the end of progression. Make the best of what you currently have as you'll always be content with the decisions you've made

12. The older you get the harder it'll be to get the weight off mentally and physically (Related: The Relationship Between Motivation And Rewards)

13. Change will come at a cost, but it'll all balance out for the better

14. Uncertainty, will sound both liberating and segregating (I can't explain this you just have to experience it yourself and you WILL experience it yourself)

15. Getting out of graves you've dug for yourself will take time, but you'll come to dig less the longer you live and with experience (Related: 3 Signs You've Betrayed Yourself)

16. You'll find yourself wanting to change your past at first only to accept and appreciate the lessons you've learned thus far (Related: Are Your Thoughts Holding You Back?)

17. As years go on your inner dialog will seem as if it's two steps ahead of you

18. Sunday's won't be what they used to be so make the most of them. (Related: Your Job Controls Your LIfe And You Allow It)

19. Being a rebel at times sounds sexy, but you'll most likely punk out. The idea sounds great but the act of actually doing it?? Yeah... not so much

20. You'll find yourself in disbelief often but hey this doesn't have to be a bad thing, you'll surprise yourself with the things you can do

21. You'll notice how quick you used to be at blaming things on other people, maturity will allow room for your accountability

22. You've got your own unique swag (Do people say "swag" anymore?)

23. The simple thought of alone time will give you an endorphin rush

24. You'll see more changes in yourself than your friends

25. Your strength within will be proven, tested and judged for you (Related: Don't Sweat The Small Stuff)

26. Some of the DUMBEST things in life will make you laugh the hardest like the fake spider attack for example

27. You'll find yourself remembering the most meaningless things

28. Music tastes will change, not drastically but you'll become very particular and quick to shun what you feel is BS

29. Fashion will become less important and comfort will (Related: Letting Yourself Go)

30. Children, whether you have them or not will have a unique and long lasting effect on your mindset

31. You'll realize the news is the biggest antagonist to all things negative. 

32. Talking less and doing more will be your daily motive

33. Accountability will stop you from doing silly things.