3 Signs You've Betrayed Yourself

3 Signs You've Betrayed Yourself

If you're not where you want to be the first thing you should do is start asking YOURSELF questions. Have you betrayed yourself? Here's three ways to know if you have:

#1 You've Abandoned Your Dreams
As children you spend a great deal of your time imagining and being creative. What was once a pencil and paper turned out to be an entire illustrated story, macaroni into jewelry, tissue boxes & rubber bands into guitars.

Imagination is followed by applied action. However, as we grow up the word "imagination" seems to fade from our common vocabulary. When's the last time you've used your imagination and acted on it?

#2 You Dodge Challenges
Resistance usually isn't welcomed with open arms. When you exercise you break your body down so that it can repair itself to becomes stronger. When you dismiss a challenge all you're really doing is shutting open doors.

By Robie Rogge, Dian G. Smith

Quit associating resistance with negativity they don't always go hand and hand. What doesn't kill you kills the old you, which is a good thing! Embrace change instead of neglecting it Opportunities will sometimes present themselves in some of the most fucked up ways. You'll never achieve any type of unyielding success if you don't even desire to allow yourself to simply attempt.

#3 You See Failure As A Finale
The only things that life will deny you of are the riches you let pass you by. Setbacks are as natural as success, if not moreso. Take notice of the power you have within because nothing's ever failure unless you allow it to be.

Use the wisdom you gain to try harder. Put your blinders on and ignore the distractions. Many often want the attention that comes with the problem. Learn to get out of your own way.

In what ways have you betrayed yourself? More importantly.. how did you allow yourself to change?